1. If Osh doesn’t win, I don’t know what else we would have to do in the future to win it. Having the best season we have seen in a long time

  2. Let me get this straight, you think he should win over the likes of someone like Haaland who has 40 goals at this point? Or do you not understand what the award is?

  3. Not at all, I’m just saying no serie A player has had such a remarkable season in our Leauge for quite some time. He woulda been the best chance we had. But Serie A doesn’t get nearly the clout the Prem or La Liga does.

  4. Clout has nothing to do with it. He is having a good season yes, but you can’t be surprised that he won’t get the Balon. Like be serious here.

  5. It’s not just them though. I’ve been seeing guys like Jack saying the game is in a good state now. A lot of streamers are bull shitting. I jumped in this week because 2042 is now on EA play so I thought why not. But the game is still a buggy terrible mess like it was during its beta. I’m so happy I didn’t pay for this game but it also makes me sad because it’s the first battlefield entry I don’t invest money and time into. It has its fun moments don’t get me wrong, but the bugs are still way too prevalent. Real shame

  6. For someone coming to Philly to watch the game, what would people recommend? I was hoping the Linc would have some kind of viewing of the game like we’ve done here in Montreal for the Habs, but I’m not seeing anything like that. What would be the best option? Thanks in advance and GO 🦅

  7. Little torn to be honest. As much as it is a step up from the lazy Puma jerseys of late, they still aren’t that amazing. The white one to me is the nicer one, but I’m still not that blown away by them.

  8. I have a regular amount of DNFs in my game through crashes. What I’ve never had is any sort of reliability issue for any team including myself.

  9. Also cheating a little, taking the fun out of the game by doing that, rather than working for it

  10. Ya I agree here. As infuriating as it can be sometimes, I rather work at it myself.

  11. 1 criterion didn’t make this game and 2, it’s only lap 6. Chill out.

  12. It’s really not when the expectations are the be 1st every race weekend

  13. I am a firm believer in everyone plays the game as they like and want, however I am going to mention to you that the previous commenter kinda' has a valid point with this game, even though I generally don't like these types of comments.

  14. I absolutely hear what you’re saying. But I am a Ferrari fan so I had to jump on that just like I play as Inter Milan in FM. No doubt the Ferrari car in F1 is great, RB is still very fast and for the moment, making things a great challenge for me. If I do start dominating, I’ll pick a lower team and build up maybe. But I do agree that FM never gets dull no matter how great a team you have. But the stress of managing a top team is high given the demands so as it stands, I’m on my toes trying to always fight for first. I’ll see where me save takes me here but I’m really enjoying it and every race is super close with Max. But I absolutely understand and hear what you’re saying in your message so I thank you for the time you gave to write it

  15. I’m 2 races in and I love it. Got it on special this weekend on Steam and have zero regrets. I was worried at first because so many people were hating on the game but for the life of me, I can’t understand why. The game feels very daunting at first, but it really isn’t. And the graphics are really solid for a manger game. And the sound is spot on. Way better than the F1 22 series. I’ve had no glitches or anything either

  16. I would recommend it. It gives you a lot of freedom and control over the team both during the weekends and during off time. I was surprised just how much customization there was in the R&D, letting you allot the wind tunnel and sim hours as well as being able to tweak the part focus like better drag coefficient or better handling thru specific corner types. Race weekend gives you full control over the strategy and you can tell the drivers when to push and when to conserve. My only gripe with the game is the 3d race animation can be a bit goofy-looking especially crashes and spins.

  17. I actually heard a lot about the animation being strange to say the least lol every review mentions the same thing. But the player reviews I’ve been seeing are incredibly mixed about the game as a whole. So was curious if it’s worth the 40$ I’m seeing it at

  18. Most of the negative reviews I'm seeing are that the devs stopped support of the game (the devs said it was the last MAJOR update and would still be supporting and updating), bug issues (I personally had none so far), and issues with DRS being too strong (true, but getting addressed next update). The choice is ultimately yours but I paid more than $40 and I don't feel like I wasted my money.

  19. I very much appreciate all the feedback, thank you so much!

  20. As archaic as it is that people still can’t except people for who they wish to be, it’s still their country and rules. If you don’t like it or feel threatened, don’t go. It’s honestly very simple.

  21. This scene is absolutely hilarious lol from Franks “yeah” to the YES! Dennis let’s out lol

  22. Italy actually won in my 21 save. They’re super strong in my save. Shame life can’t mimic the game sometimes…

  23. Issue is we just gave him a new contract. I think that’s genuinely the only thing saving him. I wish we could go and get Tuchel…

  24. People seriously need to grow the fuck up and touch some grass. People who pull this shit over a god damn SPRINT race seriously need to get help

  25. I’ll never get why people drop all this money on a car that out the box already is stunning, only to do shit like this…

  26. What an absolute legend. You’re an amazing example for everyone to live up to and follow. Keep being you Arnold, you’re second to none!

  27. This is so awesome. Have to get one, good stuff OP

  28. The harsh and sad reality. It’s an absolute shame because he has shown so many times that he’s unbelievably skilled and a great midfielder. Very sad

  29. I’d avoid all the starters. The group is already decided so there’s zero reason to risk players. Give the starters a full week off before meeting Juve this weekend and call it a day. No chance Bayern plays their starting 11 so just use the occasion as a tune up game and give the young players their moment

  30. They are literally the epitome of a toxic fucking relationship

  31. I have the feeling that most of the fans haven't fully understood the implications of a change of owners.

  32. Think it depends on who you get. If we get lucky and get someone like Chelsea did, oh boy. I’m much more concerned about getting someone like Eric again. It’s a shame because our owners have done way more for us than they get credit for, but I hope we get something on the level of Chelsea or City. But first things first, we need a stadium

  33. Charles is handsome and personable. I'm not surprised he's more marketable.

  34. Which is why he models for Armani and everything. He’s so amazing and a great character

  35. Was going to write the same thing. Playing DRV and going to start playing DRN soon also. Waiting for it to hit 7$

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