The RED pill: A thread for all those that did NOT like Resurrections

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  1. i just 2A my kro and lost all the skill ups i had

  2. My guy I must ask, what was your strategy for getting past the crossbowmen at the Seat of Infinity?

  3. I mashed the roll button wherever I went, I never ran. Only rolled. Its tricky going up and down the ledges etc. but it's doable!

  4. OP here: We live in the UK so no Raccoons - unfortunately we don't live in a BK either but I guess that's where the floor is from!

  5. The issue actually came about after launch, because people were using an exploit to get the achievement without actually playing on maximum security. It seems this fix has been in place since the first patch, and now, they even let players get it for completing it on new game plus, but instead of being glad there's finally a solution, this sub has gone full toxic, just because the solution isn't what they hoped it would be.

  6. It's not a 'solution', it's 'oops we can't fix it so please play our game more haha :') '. How much are they paying you to cope for them like this?

  7. If Jude is supposed to be a handler for Neo, why does he literally wingman for him and have him meet Trinity? Isn't that the exact opposite of what he should do?

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