1. Maybe its because im a old fuck off 37yo but i cant wrap my head around Hand gesture

  2. I'm older then you - 41, but I like gestures. 😁

  3. Man atrodo iš šito sub'o ne kiekvienas supras...

  4. Works great on Windows too! BTW, if you want to use IN and OUT ports of ADA8200, you need two TOSLINK cables.

  5. Gerai, kad komunaliniam nors kelnes trumpos.

  6. How stupid as a programmer you need to be to to think this meme is somehow funny? 🤔

  7. Man irgi miksas tikrai taip neveikia, bet kai aštrus tai jau padegina.

  8. Very clever idea to protect from fake accounts creation!

  9. Not so sure how to explain this but say I got song A playing and I feel like its time to bring in song B, either one of the 2 songs gets too high in energy. Like I'm mixing a buildup in to a drop or something and it sounds terrible :3

  10. Use CUE to prelisten to an incoming song. Check the energy of an incoming song. And of course you need to know your songs. Do a homework and listen to your songs mark the energy levels. It will help you in the future mixing process. And BWT, I'd recommend you to try mix songs which are in key. The transitions will be much smoother. After some time, you will start to hear if the songs are "compatible" or not. But you need to practice.

  11. Dar yra kur pasitempti. Video YouTube sukurti pavydžiui. 😁

  12. Not a Bond theme, but Orbital - The Saint song gives spy themed vibes.

  13. I always assume people who is on a hype train for a dark themes, always sniffs their farts publicly.

  14. The one's who's in the basement with light IDE themes!

  15. Literally nobody is interested in a single thread performance in 2023.

  16. It used to be ALL people cared about when Intel was better at it.

  17. Me: Mom, I want Seth Everman! Mom: We have Seth Everman at home Seth Everman at home:

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