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  1. Motherfucker got wrecked so bad he decided to go and form the misogyny avengers

  2. Regarding Christian Walker, he doesn’t acknowledge himself as being gay even though he’s open about liking men, and he’s pretty hateful towards the LGBTQ+ community.

  3. I have seen this picture far more than I would rather… and I like Hasan….

  4. Does George Takei know that the segment was fake though I think is the more important question

  5. He owns the site the article is from and the article seems to be taking the video seriously. I think he thinks it’s real, lol.

  6. Miss the days when Rage Against the Machine wasn’t so political and said stuff like “Some of those that work forces/Are the same that burn crosses”

  7. The whole incel thing is so weird to me. I’m the same age as that guy, and to me an incel is just what we used to call a virgin or a guy without game. To make that your whole personality is quite odd.

  8. Calling themselves an incel puts the blame for their situation back on society and women that don’t want to date them.

  9. There's actually several loopholes to this as well.

  10. Same reason why George Romney and Ted Jebidiah Cruz were allowed to run for president as well.

  11. These migrants that were hiding in a truck to cross the border, died because of a non-existent immigration policy that would have made them hiding in the truck pointless to begin with. Big brain Greg was really cooking with this one.

  12. God also holds the all time record for most abortions. Let those religious psychos think about that one.

  13. No, not being sarcastic. Just looked it up and it looks to be a holiday for Federal workers and the stock market is closed. I think that is what I had seen, a notification on my investing account that US markets would be closed today for Juneteenth.

  14. You probably saw that someone had today off since the actual holiday, 6/19, fell on a Sunday. If a recognized workplace holiday falls on a weekend, they’ll typically give you the Friday before or Monday after off so the number of paid holidays remains the same. Emphasis on recognized holiday because not every workplace recognizes Juneteenth or allows off for it.

  15. Hate to brake it to you, but with enough money everything becomes "legal"

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