1. Ability to credit card churn. I have 14 cards and haven’t paid out of pocket for a vacation in half a decade (including what would have been a ~$10k honeymoon that we booked using the points off a $95 annual fee card). Credit score has never dipped below 780 (just make sure to pay off all the cards and track them)

  2. Oh nice I’ll be paying my progressive insurance bills in February. This is nice to know

  3. Get one of the older phones that are labeled $0 instead of $250 (I got an iPhone 11) and use the $250 subsidy towards cell phone accessories instead. I think 90% of the firm just gets new AirPods every two years lol

  4. Rakuten will pay you out in MR if you prefer

  5. With the amount I spend on food coupled with the Amex rakuten relationship, yes. I’ve earned far more on my Amex gold than I did on my CSP

  6. Check dining meter in Rewards and Activity tab. See whether Jan month meter is completed or yet to be done. That will give an idea

  7. $0 spent out of the $10 available. I have no idea what occurred here but not complaining lol

  8. Is this a newer card? You haven’t mentioned what the exact terms of your SUB were.

  9. 90k bonus points for $4k in spend in 6 months. No cash back on it. I also got the sub back in October. This was 100% a glitch

  10. Both Amex Gold and BBP have certain purchase protections, but neither one has

  11. An example I’m referring to is the roof caving in before the first night at a previous Airbnb and the owner giving us a hard time (actually was not us). We had to file a claim through the cc company because Airbnb was difficult to deal with and got the charge removed as we refused to stay there

  12. It’s like one metric of many. Bench was thick this year. 87 is good don’t lose sleep just have yourself a glass of wine

  13. Sounds good. FICO is like 808 right now

  14. Most say turbotax. I’d recommend doing them yourself once on excel and pay for an accountant in year 1. Go with whatever the lower amount is from then on out

  15. Is this specifically speaking outside the US? If I got charged for water in the US (or tap anywhere else) from a McDonald’s to a Michelin star restaurant then I’m not paying for that unless it’s bottled

  16. Try to call and ask for it. A bunch discontinued their loyalty status in the past month or so but you’d be surprised at what these customer service centers offer

  17. Honestly I’ll take back that statement and preface it by saying I’m not entirely sure what it entails

  18. A budget the firm gives you ($1000) for you to spend on your well-being. everyone.

  19. Wait it’s $1500 now? I thought it was $1k

  20. Coinbase was allowed (I self cleared) but I could see how someone could interpret it the way you did and feel robbed

  21. Hi! This just happened to me and I see where you see to call and just demand it get removed. Will def be doing that now that my ID is submitted. Did you reset your password before calling? The lady I spoke with insisted I had to “reset” my password, NOT “change” it and I’m not seeing a reliable reset link ?

  22. Not for me. I have the faintest memory they pushed a password reset email to me but I could be mistaken

  23. Sucks that oddsboom is way more than $100 a year now

  24. I can’t even find the website anymore lol what

  25. Sorry I meant oddsjam. Oddsjam bought out oddsboom

  26. Oh yeah oddsjam was expensive and I actually didn’t like it as much as oddsboom. It’s a shame they bought them out

  27. The no annual fee Amex BBP for 2x back on everything. I also value Amex MR at 1.5-2 cents a piece so it’s even higher than an effective 2% back. Chase also has the free 1.5x points card on everything

  28. What you value the points at and what they cash out at are separate. If I were to convert my MRs to cash, what is the actual dollar amount I would get back?

  29. Not very high. I think like 0.6 cents a piece but if you have Schwab I think you can transfer them to a brokerage at 1.1 cents. You may need the specific Schwab card though

  30. Just did it and used your code! Thank you

  31. I’m confused where the 100k came from (I saw the same email). My referrals on my gold card always cap my referral rate at 55k for the year but the email makes me think it’s double (I get 30k, they get 90k)

  32. I got limited after getting $3,753.22 on Korean soccer after making ~15K in my first month of arbing

  33. Do you have a screenshot of the initial offer? I find the escalation team with Amex really easy to deal with in regards to offers and honoring them (assuming you rebook on Turo)

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