1. “Allow 6-8 weeks to see benefits”

  2. Ahoy matey 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  3. My modern lodge that I sanded like a year ago is barely darker than yours, but my 1930’s single notch lodge that I stripped and restored went jet black within a few weeks of use. It’s probably something in the metallurgy.

  4. Most 6 man's are just very bad players. They have to group together because they suck otherwise. Even being a team of 6 they still suck and my bro and I kill them most of the time.

  5. They weren’t great lol they kept trying to revive eachother out in the open, and kept getting in vehicles even though they were getting blown up left and right by my buddy with the jokr.

  6. how do you only kill 20 AI and go to final exfil?

  7. We stay out of hot zones unless we have to. We were all geared up so we were pretty much just wandering around looking for blowtorches lol

  8. If they gonna use the work van for that kind of stuff, they should make it so they can open the doors from the inside.

  9. And also lead with it. What’s the point in an undercover van if they’re following a swat van and marked unit going in full cherries and berries? Also, why not drive straight up into the yard here? Would’ve given them a better chance of grabbing that squirter

  10. Whatever your favorite sugary candy is will work. I probably ate 10 lbs of gummy bears in my first few weeks of quitting

  11. You vs the guys she told you not to worry about

  12. A car rejoining the track is not entitled to space. Yes, it would’ve been fine if #1 didn’t blow the corner, but it’s still an unsafe rejoin

  13. That's the most we've seen from a third driver in years - I think Red bull got their money worth. :D

  14. Even without driving Danny Ric is still any team’s PR dream. I’m sure he’ll be shoved in front of cameras as much as possible this season. Probably more than Checo

  15. Hahaha we say that every time we finish a long mission and someone says “now what”

  16. Could be me and my buddy on party chat fresh off a wipe. We’ll take good care of ya

  17. I’m wearing a pair of caterpillar branded socks right now, super comfy.

  18. Same. I bought a pack at tj maxx once and they were such good winter boot socks I went back and cleaned them out. Haven’t been able to find them anywhere since though

  19. Nah their socks suck. At least the ones here, I think they just sell the name CAT to certain sock manufacturers who have no quality standards.

  20. I got a couple packs from tj maxx and they’re pretty nice. A little thick, but super comfy in the winter

  21. Buggy or ltv is better. The defender and the jeep blow tires too often if you drive off more than like a 30ft cliff

  22. Can we have the short guy pity party somewhere else please? This stuff has nothing at all to do with dating but it comes up in my feed every day.

  23. He’s asking for advice, his height does impact his dating life, I don’t see how it’s irrelevant to the sub. You might have the same issues but that doesn’t make it irrelevant

  24. Literally every aspect of your life impacts your dating life. Should I post here about modding my truck because it might help me get more dates? There’s other subs better suited to this kind of thing. Half the posts here lately have been dudes whining about being short, it’s just not a productive topic

  25. Imo they taste like ass. I’d rather make regular pancakes and have a protein shake on the side

  26. Like it or not, these are the people strengthening our weak ass gene pool

  27. Weird, I was at the record store today and I came across at least 10 copies of this album going through the crates and I could not figure out why they were marked at $40 each. Am I missing something here?

  28. Definitely not worth $40. It’s a great album but there’s so many copies out there. I bought my copy for $1 (although vinyl prices have risen in general since then).

  29. My gf has a copy, she’s a big Fleetwood Mac fan. But she couldn’t figure out why it was $40 either. She got hers for $25 from target, and all the copies I saw today were used

  30. They used to sell these types of things Spencer’s gifts, if not then I would check out a local headship or hookah shop if those are legal where you are

  31. My girlfriend has one of Britney Spears as the Virgin Mary that came from Amazon I think. I thought she was religious when I saw it the first time I stayed over 😂

  32. Funny, they wrote exactly why it failed right there on the packaging. 100% solid carbide will do that.

  33. I saw that and it's the 1st indication that it was not even remotely close to being a good player. Most skilled snipers will not hard scope for that long and they'll reposition often..

  34. You’ll never find a good sniper on one of these towers. Once you’re spotted it’s pretty much over.

  35. I’ve been running with a box pull suppressed mp5 all this week until I lost it last night, and I was pretty sad about it. I’ve got stacks of okay operator weapons in my stash but that was the first really good box pull gun I’ve found. I recreated it in one of my insured slots but it’s just not the same

  36. Gotta love the panic parachute. Turns into a quick time mini game to shoot them out of the air.

  37. Haha I had a fight last night where two guys were trying to climb a radio tower to exfil camp and I wasn’t about to let that happen. I downed the guy trying to climb the ladder 4 or 5 times and his buddy kept reviving him, then I guess they didn’t know what else to do, so they both started parachuting towards me, so I shot them both out of the sky and full killed them.

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