1. Hey dude—my last binge was exactly like yours. Nothing particularly horrible happened I just spent wayy more time with the lingering anxiety/doom/dread/shame and nausea that I finally said THIS SHIT IS OLD AND TIRED. have not really put a huge mental effort into not drinking again but rather put more effort into healing, which snowballs into seeing how you can outdo the already good state you’re in. Then you don’t wanna settle for less. Over a month, without a drop. Hope this is an audacious nudge in the right direction for you!

  2. This is exactly the same realization that I came to this week. THIS SHIT IS NOT FUN ANYMORE. It’s the same shit every weekend; Drink, put music on, have a good time, then it all turns to sadness and then I lose myself. Enough is enough! I want to know what it genuinely feels like to be happy again. I want to take better care of myself. For my family and like you said, for my brother, who I know would not want me to be like this and instead be happy.

  3. Amen man. And you can be happy again, even if in little bursts throughout the day. Drinking just puts on these heavy ass blinders. We can’t see anything for what it is. Or ourselves for what we could be. Life feels small and pointless when first coming out of being totally lost in a dreamless, untethered state like inebriation. But it grows. We grow and we become awake to the world like as if out of some strange second infancy lol. I can’t wait for you to get all the way to the good side. I’ll be fighting my way with you. Thanks for the kind words, I am rooting for you friend!

  4. Instead of figuring it out, I just came to the comments for the answer lol

  5. I’m on day 4 not drinking and this will be my first weekend in ever not drinking. Hoping to get myself through it.

  6. I think she was referring to that cheap robot Tesla had a press release about or whatever 🤖

  7. Its mind boggling to me what little communication these two had while living under the same roof.

  8. Honestly as long as she's happy, I'm happy. However, I think people think its sad cause for most people who get cosmetic surgery, its because they are unhappy with their own appearance. some of the comments I've seen were saying that she was already beautiful and therefor doesn't need CS, and I agree! But none of us truly knows how she feels on the inside. we know she's talked about aging before, so maybe there are insecurities there. or maybe she's just doing it because she wants to, and that's ok to me. love that for her!

  9. Damn I just had a shirt made with her on it. Now she’s gonna look different.

  10. I get that too. I started drinking heavily when working 2 jobs because I could never go out and drink with friends on weekends or nights, with work in the morning. I developed the habit of coming home, slamming a few shots, then just doing nothing till I was ready to sleep (or would pass out).

  11. Yeah I’m going to smoke some herb to keep me from drinking during the week and take it easier on the weekends and not binge all day Sunday.

  12. I assume no one took it because they’re adult diapers but I kind of feel bad because maybe someone elderly needs them. Thinking about taking it to the apartment when I get home.

  13. Now I wanna join jujitsu, just so I can have Tom Hardy's legs wrapped around me.

  14. I need the official version of Welcome to the Opera, I’ve been listening to the live versions since they came out

  15. I loved it, I was honestly a bit skeptical about this one but now I can’t stop listening to it

  16. Me too. I was worried at first cause Hung up is already perfect as it is and I didn’t want it to be messed with but this remix is a hit and I love it!!

  17. First of all Dylan and Eric did not obtain their guns legally they got it from a third party. Also I would compare mental health with toys. She caved in on a much more serious matter. Also sometimes it can be hard to obtain guns especially in the north. There is no guarantee he would have gotten a gun.

  18. Omg. Ok # 1: That third party Eric & Dylan used to get their guns obtained them legally right?? So did Salvador Ramos & Nicolas Cruz, right? Or am I wrong??

  19. Ok so forget I mentioned Eric & Dylan then. Since you’re stuck on them only. Again, what about Salvador Ramos & Nicolas Cruz???????? Did they get their guns legally, huh? Answer this please? Forget about E&D. Could Adam get his guns legally. Let’s say nancy didn’t have guns in the house. Do you think Adam could’ve gotten them on his own??? 👀

  20. Nah he was mad that he looked exactly the fucking same as the cat that I saw directly below this post on a different sub

  21. Seems like he wants to discuss the amount of ear scratchies he gets over a glass of scotch.

  22. Wait, what the hell is a black or a green? Did I miss something from these episodes?

  23. It’s a crucial plot point from the book that should develop in the next few episodes! If you don’t mind spoilers, you can read more about it

  24. Ahh I see. Haven’t read HOD yet, only ASOIAF. Might give it a read but until then I’ll just wait for the episodes. Thanks for giving me a heads up without spoiling it. I appreciate it.

  25. Not sure when, Ty Cobb, (man standing to the right of Trump), former WH Attorney to the Trump administration from 2017-2018 was exactly hired to begin managing Trump’s golf course.

  26. OP: news flash! Lots of business is conducted on golf courses

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