1. Black Heart's the sorta Goddess who I'd want to worship

  2. Nope, handholding, cuddles, love, all that can be lewd and wholesome so long as the blend together. They are not mutually exclusive.

  3. So, you're not gonna snuggle with Uzume. Even though she wants to feel your touch over mine?

  4. His name is Alex Mercer. They call him a monster, a killer, a terrorist, he's all those things.

  5. If only it remained a joke. It was a terrible joke, but it was better to remain one.

  6. IF looks pretty good with her hair done up in twintails I've gotta say

  7. No, I don't think it suits her. Or at least this rendition doesn't suit her.

  8. This thing was a fucking nightmare on the PS2, I basically had to use save states on PCX2 to beat this section.

  9. Beat up guys, get money, buy Appstims. Then start eating at restaurants. As restaurants in both Yakuza 6 and Kiwami 2 are now your best friends. That'll net you EXP and the money to eat.

  10. Yeah, we finally finished this story. Thank you to anyone who gave this story a chance.

  11. If anything, as of recent, Daigo went to the 10th place, while Mine goes up to the 5th place.

  12. Really I think Yakuza 5 onward did a lot to give Daigo some development. I still wouldn't rate Mine over Daigo. No disrespect to Mine, great villain, I just think Daigo should be given a lot more respect.

  13. I think once Yakuza hit it big, the crowd just ended up finding Mine more charismatic than Daigo. And the inclusion of RGG Online (with the whole Mine stories and all that) probably lead to them liking Mine more.

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