1. and his penis is canonically bigger than Dan's too.

  2. My.. God you people will just look for ANYTHING to be upset over. Lol

  3. This doesn't make me question my existence.

  4. Matt and Ryan have referenced the sub before; without a doubt they definitely have read it.

  5. At this point, it doesn't feel like an Arin "decision" I think there is just a few people that work for GG who hate chris.

  6. OP sees one person claim this and shits his pants. Add the monke flair.

  7. Doesn't matter how hard it hits, DB doesn't respect the physics of our world, Ohma DBed a Devil Lance which is a stabbing attack, Ohma also DBed that jobber Ranjo. Don't forget that Rolon hits like a truck thanks to his technique also since he KOed Toa

  8. Demons Bane requires precision, focus, and posture. Lolong's style of fighting is literally the best counter to Demons Bane.

  9. Let's not get hasty shall we, Waka never used BC against Ohma, it wasn't necessary anyway since his normal strikes were enough to damage/cripple Omar

  10. This is common knowledge lol. Half of the fight was Ryuki debating if he should kill him or not.

  11. Kiriyu most likely taught Gaoh the Koei Style basics. Gaoh being skilled already, probably picked it up fast.

  12. I could beat this lovelie in a fist fight.

  13. I would mating press Max in his chun-li costume.

  14. Then why are you giving an opinion on the fight? You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about lol

  15. Because people absolutely care too much and I love spreading misinformation. (Plus Kenichi is a mid series)

  16. Man, you're letting these people live rent free in your heads.

  17. "Haha Sandro Boost Raian wins, funny I am original"

  18. The early pre-maxim Era of story here is refreshing. Side characters getting the spotlight. Slap my balls and call me Kaku, these gardens are great.

  19. They aren't downplayed, you just used the ONE panel you type of fans bring up constantly.

  20. That's not what your mom said last night.

  21. That's true. I am. That's why she usually likes it when I fuck her in the ass better.

  22. Fair. At least I got you to admit your small dick.

  23. Both series suck dude, literally don't start this and go read 'Vixen Training Manual'

  24. Difference being that that record belongs to a professional player using his entire body. This is a casual throw from an untrained amateur only using the strength of his arm.

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