1. Hey bruh i love the aot soundtrack i listen to them almost everyday you like it as well?

  2. You tried the site or the app? Because all free sites are loaded with annoying ads.

  3. Using the website with Firefox. All ads are blocked.

  4. Nah. Honestly i would prefer rohit and shikhar open and vk come at 3. But that is not gonna happen anymore

  5. I'm in nizampet, i switched from act to airtel - airtel basic plan of 40 Mbps and 3k for 6 months so far no problems

  6. I used to be a langur till May 2014 swinging from tree to tree eating berries.

  7. It's ok you'll continue to be that way till 2029.

  8. Don't you mean 2039? Because Modiji has to not only break Nehru's (that mo*****r screw him!!) 17-year record but also conduct India's first Olympics in 2036 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Hitlerji's Olympics. It will be Modiji's ultimate farewell gift to the country he founded, Bharat.

  9. Haha, I get how frustrated you are 😂. I definitely know how people are against Modi in this sub, but even if you agree or not he's gonna come into power.

  10. I'm a doc U don't have to get it checked. U can take supplements regardless (given u have no significant diseases) Most of us are bound to have vit d deficiency due to decreased exposure to sun. Take 60000IU tablets weekly once for a month. (Vit d deficiency can also lead to mood disorders and depression)

  11. Hey doc can vitamin d deficiency lead to hairfall(I'm 22, M)

  12. Well, vit d deficiency can lead to hairfall but it is not one of the major reasons for causing hairfall statistically.(I suggest u look into other reasons)

  13. It's ok that's how the people of this sub think. When Modi wins 2024, it'll be a tight slap to them.

  14. In the name of dank these pieces of shit cross the line a bit too much

  15. Yes it's not always terrorism, me writing this comment to try and portray the truth that's jihad, people protesting for rights is jihad

  16. Look at the other end of the spectrum, there have been killings and worser crime on the name of jihad

  17. “We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity. Our movement is Christian." - Adolf Hitler, 1928.

  18. Why did you jump to a conclusion that I'm Christian?

  19. Narendra Modi lives rent free in the minds of the people of this sub

  20. Can you please elaborate your problem and how the oil worked?

  21. Should there be an issue for someone to start using a particular hair oil?

  22. I was short af in school. But i slowly became taller. I was 5'4 in school when i passed my tenth but two years later i was 5'7. It's ok you're gonna grow.

  23. Did you did anything special ? Like any particular exercise or diet ?

  24. Nope, i didn't follow any diet, but i would suggest you to decrease your junk food. It's all natural you're gonna grow late maybe. Everyone's bodies are not the same

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