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  1. "the two weeks before his disappearance, he withdrew £200 a day from his bank account, which totalled £2,800 by the day of the scheduled flight"

  2. People who's proudest accomplishments are ANYTHING OTHER than the fact, that neither they, nor any of their living relatives or ancestors in all of history have ever lived anywhere ELSE! ~Weymouth

  3. I've lived in Lowell for ~3 years. I bought a condo here since it was close-ish to my work at the time and the only affordable place to do it in an area near boston that was still city-like.

  4. "The biggest problem with Lowell, IMO is its reputation." Sad but true!

  5. They tried to pull that in a medical center here in Boston when I took my teen for an eye exam.

  6. Big game trophy hunting. You know, serial killing is probably a red 🚩! 🙄

  7. That free umbrella is Dollar Tree quality lol

  8. Yeah. When they handed it to me, it was so light. I though, "This can't be good". Got home popped it open and actually had to manually reposition the reed thin, spindly aluminum spikes in their proper locations! 😂

  9. Did anyone else get the hard sell today when they picked up their umbrella?

  10. That happened to me with the Tropical Tumbler. It was unbelievable. The store was packed and the line was actually bottle necked because of it! I complained about it on their Twitter account & named the location. Never happened again.

  11. I guess it doesn’t even matter anymore if an emergency is happening or not because depending on where you live, seeing reminders of covid just won’t go away. Maybe another 3 years? It’s just year after year and I can’t leave my house without seeing covid stuff. I just want to forget the last 3 years but I am not allowed.

  12. More and more masks coming back here (Wisconsin). I work in a small business that deals with the public, this one guy comes in weekly with his stupid duck bill mask, can’t understand a word he says and he gets mad every time when we ask him what over and over. No mandate here in almost two years yet these dirty rags are still around and getting popular again.

  13. Uhg! I'd be sorely tempted to just keep asking him "WHAT?" until he leaves! Or maybe you could all start quacking loudly every time he comes in!

  14. I echo everything you just said. Before I even read your post I was sitting here earlier tonight thinking about moving to some remote place, away from so called civilization. A little cottage in the woods somewhere or something idk...

  15. I've already decided. It's not. Thanks anyway. 😉

  16. I'm torn about how invasive technology has become. It seems like people don't even value personal privacy any more at all.

  17. OT: I've given and received reddit gold a few times. I like the feature when it's used right and not like ten thousand awards on a political post, or a cute animal reposted for the gazillionth time. 😑

  18. Uhg!🤬 I can't Stand Nancy Grace. From her grating voice (BOMBSHELL!) To her carelessness in reporting, just everything about her screams phoney to me.

  19. Whoever took this photo possibly picked the worst angle to take this from I believe.

  20. There is no angle that could make this grotesque monstrosity look good.

  21. Every first time killer has probably been in similar situations to their first murder before deciding to do it, its seriously fucked up to just start assuming the victim had done something to prompt or even deserve it. This sub seriously needs to simmer down with this vigilante justice/revenge fetish shit going around.

  22. It's really not though. The victim is not that innocent. He was obviously a person who preyed on disadvantaged people for sex.

  23. Why the fuck is the WSJ the only "mainstream" source publishing sane pieces from time to time?

  24. Why are so few, and not just MSM, following the Twitter files?

  25. Hahaha! Imagine being so desperate to be a "reporter" that you'd cover Twitter toilet paper issues? 😂🤣😭🤣😄😆

  26. Thank you, so much, for reporting about your experience! There are far too many horror stories or hallmark card stories, about foster care.

  27. Your situation is Hella odd. We needed a judge to put our 17 year old on a visit with us pending home study completion without that she was night to night in a facility.

  28. Snowden was about Feds recording ALL net traffic, not warnings social media sites about specific foreign disinformation campaigns.

  29. There was way more than, just innocent little warnings of incoming "Disinformation".

  30. Bullshit. There is not one iota of information about what Twitter was reimbursed for. The article you linked, (from a site which is as left leaning and musk hating as reddit 🙄), basically said:

  31. Alcoholism is a drug addiction. Are all drug addictions diseases? Why isTabbaco addiction is never referred to as a "disease"?

  32. Addiction is a chronic brain disorder, not compulsive nature or self inflicted.

  33. He was the leader of a plot to off the Medici family on Easter Sunday in the cathedral of Florence. They failed and within a year every male in the family was dead and every female was dead or in a nunery. The family was completely eliminated.

  34. I hope he was vaccinated or it would've been worse!

  35. Weird... This is old news over on Twitter, it's been being discussed there for a week now, millions of people are LOVING this and then, of course, there are are the Covidians, but far fewer of them.

  36. Pharma marketing efforts. To them, marketing includes bribes, propaganda and, imo, intimidation. When billions are on the line, spending millions is a no brainer. They are focused on the USA partly because of the lax laws. Their reach is not as strong overseas.

  37. Being physical active cuts the risk of everything negative, health wise. We've know that forever. We needed another "scholarly publication" on the matter like we needed a hole in the head.

  38. I've been immune to propaganda since the day I was born. Must be a birth defect. 😉

  39. Where is her outrage at the disrespect towards the Gender Pronoun community?! 🤔 🤨 😮😱😉

  40. UGH. I dread that happening here in MA.! I swear, I will NOT comply. I'm sick of those people who are always whining "It's JUST a piece of CLOTH!" Really?! Is It?!

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