1. How is stone free as good as stoping time(with super speed, precision and strength), healing or literally jumping through an infinite amount of dimensions. Sure jolyne used it in creative ways but i don't see a need for those things in an average persons life.

  2. That's a fair point, not s tier then but definitely not c tier, in an average persons life it's more useful than killer queen, c moon and stray cat at least and they're higher.

  3. It makes you wonder why DIO didn't use more moves like the laser eyes, that would have made part 3 quite interesting

  4. Takes too long to say space rubber stingy eyes when you're mid battle, ig he could time stop and say it

  5. I think the miles missions are as annoying but the thing is, one of miles' missions was because his dad might've just died and the other wasnt really his fault, he was just seen by rhino so you had to sneak past him. Those arent stupid reasons or really his fault but mj knows shes putting herself in a ton of danger just to get some pictures and she still does it

  6. Just did it for fun I guess, heirophant green didn't actually have anything to do with the painting directly. He also used a puppet when he was controlling the nurse but the puppet didnt actually do anything

  7. Jojos definitely the weirdest anime I've watched. I haven't watched much though

  8. Dont worry, danny just hasn't looked in enough lily's garden ads yet. He'll find him eventually

  9. Is it weird that naruto and his friends are all the same age group too then? Makes not much sense to me. Like even if some were 1-2 years younger or older they would proably still be the same age group. They probably all got kids after most of the after war stuff was dealt with and peace started. Whats so weird about that.

  10. She got hit by c moon and didnt die, if any of the other jojos got hit by c moon they would die apart from ger giorno cause the hit wouldn't even exist (maybe Johnny or part 8 josuke, idk I'm like half way through sbr)

  11. I don't read manga and I'm just saying I wish the violent male mcs we had before. Jotaro is a direct joestar and he's perfect. Her being a women makes her less scary and I also see her as the weakest mc. As I said, I can't see a situation where she can beat pucci unless jotaro gets disk back and saves her. And if she manages to somehow lose her part then she is a failure

  12. Shes one of the weakest mcs because she didnt get an insane power up like giorno or jotaro. And, they didnt do anything to get their power ups, they just got them. Dont dislike someone just cause they're weak. You haven't read the manga so I won't spoil, but for all you know she might be almost as strong as them by the end of part 6

  13. Shisui for me, he did one notable thing and that was dying, he was a cool enough character in the like 2 episodes he was in but theres tons of people saying hes one of the best characters in naruto and that's just wrong

  14. I heard somewhere that kekkei means bloodline I'm not sure if it's true

  15. I was kind of annoyed playing the original game being really excited to see what my new suit looked like but then it would end up being something like the last stand or spider punk suit and it just looks so bad but if I'm expecting it for spider man 2 then I dont see a problem with it

  16. Not exactly the answer I think you're looking for but have you heard of ngolo kante. Hes a football (soccer) player and literally everyone loves him

  17. I actually might have liked this ship if this was animated and canon man

  18. But the pain that we first saw was yahikos body and he wasnt an Uzumaki nagato was

  19. I personally hate mj from the games because she seems pretty smart but she's always getting herself in stupid situations and spidey has to save her everytime. I dont like those missions because they're quite boring. I did actually like the miles mission where he had to run from rhino that was fun

  20. I wouldn’t say sad, more like a disappointed father

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