1. They’re donating all their beige and embracing a fun quirky color pallet!

  2. The rule is not to talk to these people irl. The rule is not to talk to these people irl. THE RULE IS. TO NOT….. but I wanna comment on her tik tok so bad!!

  3. Clouté tarnished their brand themselves… all the sub and mods are doing is giving Clouté insiders an outlet to share what they go through at that joke of a studio. It’s hilarious how they are STILL blaming us for the way they choose to run things 😂

  4. This is the same studio that is encouraging E to try pointe dancing, right? I don’t know much about ballet but from what I’ve learned, your body absolutely needs to be ready for those shoes and that technique. It’s very irresponsible to encourage your students to start that early. For what? Potential awards for the studio?

  5. As a teacher, I see and hear a lot of “when their older sibling was this age…” I tell parents ALL the time that even though they’re siblings, all kids develop at their own pace. I always feel bad for the kids that aren’t as “easy” or “smart” as their siblings. That’s just on my local, small town level.

  6. THIS! I taught 3rd grade for 2 years and got a lot of younger siblings in my classes. I always made it a point to highlight their strengths to them AND the parents. Things like “I’m so glad your first kid was gifted in math, but I also want to highlight how creative and collaborative your second kid is- they’re a natural born leader!”

  7. And heels started as a way for Persian soldiers to secure their feet in stirrups on horseback. Then they made their way to Europe as a way for aristocrats to appear taller. Most older cultures have some form of a skirt (toga, kilt, etc) for men.

  8. Shhhhh all of that history is wrong! Only the BIBLE is correct on history, okay?? Also Jesus was definitely white because the Bible told me, DUH! (/s of course)

  9. Oh good lord this is what teachers are unteaching day in and day out! No we CANT fight each other for social hierarchy. No we don’t bully the kids that say god isn’t real. Yes, boys and girls are going to art class AND pe. I’m exhausted lol

  10. Is there anywhere we can donate to QT’s cause? Or an organization that fights these crimes? That might be a good thing for Ethan to promote once that info is common knowledge! (If it’s on Twitter I haven’t checked haha) might steer all the drama in a better direction?

  11. Maybe you could reach out to your representatives to get this issue on their minds. Personally, though, I feel like the genie is already out of the bottle in regards to unconsented deep fakes

  12. That’s a good idea. To check in with my state to at least apply pressure if this were to reach a bigger law. Sad that that’s the long game :/ I still think it’d be worthwhile to donate to these causes. If nothing else, to QT directly to help with the lawsuits

  13. Bruh people can think someone did something shitty but still be a fan and move on. Lots of people leaving one comment on a post doesn’t mean all these people are spending many hours of their life on this matter. He was being insensitive and this is the first time I found myself not on his side, but it’s not that big a deal in my life 😂

  14. Same. I like the other meme in the sub of olivia sitting alone at the table 😂 like, can’t defend ya this time dude.

  15. Ashley Gavin! I went to one of her shows with a femme friend and her comedy is incredible live! I mean I knew her podcast and clips were funny but the live show is even better.

  16. You know she's the mom all the other daycare moms avoid.

  17. In 2020-2021 I definitely could tell what parents were being vaccinated and who wasn’t. They took their kids out of school. Our vaccine site was at one of the nascar tracks so I was always emailing back “sounds great! Thanks for the heads up about sally. Pro tip: the far right lane is the fastest!”

  18. I’m convinced that this is Paul’s villain origin story. Paul will never be able to please Morgan sexually and it will continue to be all of our problems.

  19. This cracked me up! Poor Morgan’s probably thinking “I was fucking promised this would be incredible sex if I just waited until marriage”

  20. Alot of conservative Christian types are moving to Tennessee because they think it’s more conducive to their freedoms, like vaccine mandates, religion, etc.

  21. Don’t forget Tennessee was the first or one of the first states to require teachers to not display ANY BOOKS in their classroom until their classroom library was confirmed to include no banned books. Freedom baby. What kid needs realia!?!?!? (Aka real objects in life as examples) Not the kids raised on freedom, that’s for sure!

  22. He didn't sing this. Steven did like one season or something and it was either before or after this.

  23. Oh thank god because I LOOOOOVE “Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Dr Hyde Hyde Jekyll”. Phew. Great sleuthing everyone, y’all almost ruined my childhood

  24. So there was a student (12 or 13?) who told his dad he wanted to do the shaved line in his eyebrow and some sign on the side of his head. Both of these are gang related in this area. He did it at a friend's house. When he got home, his dad saw it and shaved his head and his eyebrow off. I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this. I dont like the idea of a haircut as a punishment but I also feel like if my kid tried to walk around with symbols known to represent gang/violent activities then I would also want to remedy that.

  25. this is the way. A boundary of “hey we do NOT walk around wearing hate symbols in our home,” is so much different than picking on the kid and suggesting something embarrassing to them

  26. Thanks for being thoughtful in the way you brought up this topic. Personally, I agree that it’s year old drama and not worth relitigating it in the court of public opinion (I, too, am getting weary of misogynist comments this would inevitably bring. Not that you’re doing that—you’re genuinely curious—but there WILL be people who will blame her/try to minimize her literal near death experience. Gus isn’t worth that. I’ve never even been pregnant but an ectopic pregnancy is one of my greatest fears, and her whole experience…so fucked up. So soul shattering)

  27. I agree with the thoughtfulness of how this post was written! I disagree, but i myself have been wondering what he’s up to these days.

  28. R/chickflixxx I think also has really great audios! I think it’s a primarily women space so you probs can’t post but I’ve gotten SO much knowledge out of the audios. What I like and don’t like. Also great for getting yourself off lol

  29. fact never found anyone willing to meet , partake isnt one

  30. I think the tricky part is finding a good partner! At least where I am it’s tricky to find places to meet people. I don’t want to accidentally traffic myself, that would just bc non consent which is no fun

  31. Loved this book, Amos has the gentleman in public /kinky in private dichotomy thing down perfectly.

  32. As a raging bisexual, I want Amos but more importantly I want his SISTER 🥵 my gay heart would never recover

  33. Wait… I literally just finished that book 5 minutes ago. What sister?

  34. His sister or old buddy maybe? Or no was it the lady that turned him originally and I’m misremembering?

  35. I think it's because they have so much energy directed at them that a lot of it cancels out or just gets so jumbled that it doesn't really affect them. It's like how so many people say they hex politicians - they already have so much different energy coming at them that the hex can't land.

  36. Yeah as a woman I don’t wanna take on the emotional labor of showing a man that I’m actually a human being and you know what I don’t want to spend my free time watching men teach other men that I am human being you know?? It’s like I like Hasan and I like Ethan, but I don’t wanna watch them try and debate lord men like Bradley and Adin, like I will pass. I’m good. I appreciate what they are doing though.

  37. No, we look out for people that make comments like this! 🚩🚩🚩 it’s a lot easier for us women to let you out yourselves

  38. Same! My last relationship wore down my patience for emotional labor. Unfortunately that’s one of the first things I noticed about the talk with Bradley. Was it informative? Sure!! Does he seem like a cool dude? Yeah why not! Am I personally going to hold every grown man’s hand and guide them through this when they could use the internet block in their hand to find copious resources FOR MEN about these issues? Nope. Best I’ve got in me is my personal list of recommendations that I can copy/paste with no additional info.

  39. I honestly tried, but one day, I realized I would rather murder him and go to jail than have to be his wife. I figured maybe I should get out at that point. He stalked me for 6 months before I finally convinced him I was just crazy enough to do something, and he finally left me alone.

  40. Same! Was hoping maybe he’d die and I’d get a second chance at love and life. But at the time I could NOT end things!!!

  41. I didn't end up marrying the guy, but I was engaged to him and building home together. Im like you, I can't fake how I feel, and at the time, I was in church and trying my best to be the good Christian daughter. I felt SO suffocated. Nothing was ever good enough for him, and any time I showed any personality or ability to stand on my own two feet, he got upset. I finally ended it (with no family/friend support ) and moved to another state alone. Got with my now husband and lived together for a few years, and he is literally the only person who doesn't trigger my social anxiety, and we are annoyingly best friends. And Im Agnostic now.

  42. I have a very similar first love story! It was all sunshine and rainbows but the man wouldn’t commit to me. I finally encouraged him to move out of his parents house and he contributed absolutely NOTHING. he’s wait to clean ANYTHING until I was so overstimulated I was cry cleaning. Then he’d come up to me afterwards demanding a reward for doing chores?

  43. My cats would sprint right past me being like “nope nope nope ur the mommy you handle this we are OUT”

  44. Her body language shows she clearly has responsibilities for the younger ones.

  45. I’m looking at the second tallest in the back and I’m devastated for her. Idk this family well, but on first impression as a former elementary teacher, I’m seeing a girl trying so hard to do what her family wants her to do and she’s trying to embrace it. In a couple of years she’ll look like the oldest :(

  46. P.S. You’ll have to deal with an ultra conservative Texas State Board Of Education, a State Legislature which is openly hostile towards public education, and a xenophobic, power-mad Governor Whose Will Shall Not Be Questioned, plus a local school board who will, in all likelihood, not support you.

  47. This this this! Everyone in my school flocked to my fb to send friend requests when I was hired. I posted an article about Dan Crenshaw’s district map for 2022 and noticed most the admin, the superintendent, and all of HR unfriended me over the next 48hrs 😅 I think their feewings got hurted :((( and SEL is from satan so they were left with NO CHOICE but to revoke Facebook friend privileges :,(

  48. My mom said the same- for years- to me after my folks’ divorce. She also thinks it’s a cute and fun story that my youngest sister was a bargaining chip; she made a deal with my father: he could attend grad school if she could have another baby. Oof.

  49. Right? Like ummm no thank you mommy dearest, I’d still like to keep the rose color glasses even if I’m not wearing them. Please take this “hot silly goss” to the lunch crew next time!

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