1. Source: Witnessing it first hand, and arguing with mindless conservatives that claim "UnIoNs KiLlEd CaRrIeR," even though the conservative god-king himself, puke-stain Trump held a rally with ex-Carrier union members during his run for president, and absolutely TRASHED Carrier for making the exact moves I mentioned.

  2. Oh my I’m shocked that a corporation would make a decision guaranteed to lower costs and increase profits.

  3. First the slave labor didn’t happen but then it did happen and it’s okay because no one should be surprised?

  4. Someone like you who is smart enough to know what “paragon” means should also know what a straw man is

  5. Knowles was the problem today, but he’s been the solution for the last 11 games. Our offense and playcalling were paper thin all year

  6. To John Quick no less. Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not a Kings fan, but isn’t he known for being a standup guy?

  7. Idk about y’all but my preferred strategy is taking a quarter into the booth and flipping a coin for each candidate.

  8. As the 69th comment in this thread, I refuse to be a square. Have fun. Enjoy your life. Money is fake. Let it fucking ride my man

  9. Low cost of living and a cheap housing market hemp when the whole country is suffering. Syracuse seems to stay pretty consistent, even the housing markets havent gone too crazy compared to the whole country.

  10. Yeahhh the reason for this stability is that the city isn't really growing though. This should definitely change with Micron moving in, but housing hasn't been a knife fight here because no one has really been moving in.

  11. The guy probably is scared about losing his refinery job more than anything. Regardless, biodiesel comes first to mind. Same for solar panel manufacture; mainly the materials need ChemEs.

  12. Throw in there traditional chem manufacturing which isn’t going anywhere. Low ODP and GWP refrigerant research is another booming, emerging market.

  13. Working in this field but as an ME background (application in systems phase). Research in this field is pretty exciting, now most refrigerant are almost 0 ODP, and GWP is getting lower and lower, especially in the EU. Call me an optimist but the field future look good to me. Although sometimes I wish that I was in chemE so that I would be more involved in refrigerant development phase.

  14. I’m a ChemE in the same field! Seems like the market is still chasing the 0 GWP dragon, and flammable refrigerants ~seem~ like the next big thing if you’re paying attention solely to what the US DOE and EPA have been saying. I’m optimistic just like you!

  15. Not sure if this is a controversial opinion, but I feel like if you are gonna call yourself a chemical engineer, you should have at least a fundamental understanding of gen Chem, Ochem, and PChem.

  16. Do you trust your temperature probe?

  17. What happened over the off season to inspire this confidence? This is the same team that has let us down in the first round every year for the last 6 years

  18. Reminds me of Rivers in Philly. Lots of those Midwest/East coast casinos have too high of a concentration of people playing craps with money they can’t afford to lose.

  19. I don't know why but I desperately want these teams to meet up in some mid-tier bowl game now.

  20. Does Purdue have a top 5 team to beat by 20 this season?

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