1. It's the nerites. They poop so much. They're spending all day every day eating the wood and pooping it out, lots of fiber in wood so lots of poop.

  2. This is true I have ONE nerite and he successfully drops this size load literally only a day or two after I clean the tank. I think I’m gonna let my puffers eat him.

  3. I was similarly taken aback by the sheer quantity of shit one or two nerites can generate if left alone with a piece of wood. If they only have algae it's a lot less though still unsightly. I'm kind of just waiting for my second one to die, he's way past the suggested average age but just keeps on trucking.

  4. Interesting, my usual shop always has Sour Diesel even when they're cycling in and out of others, it's one of go-to strains. Same shop has Jack Herer too and it's not the only one. White Widow less so though.

  5. I'd lean towards epistylis, which can become so widespread that it is even visible as fuzzy growth on the glass and decor. It's a combo bacteria and protozoan working together, so you need to turn the temperature down and treat with both an antibiotic and something like ich-x.

  6. Detritus worms. They just eat any little bits of food your fish miss. They're part of a normal aquatic ecosystem, not something to worry about. If the population explodes it means food isn't getting eaten fast enough is all.

  7. Nitrates are toxic too. You can’t really keep them zero in a goldfish tank without lots of plants or water changes but you should shoot for no more than 5ppm. How often do you change the water?

  8. What's your source for this? Scientific consensus is that 5ppm of nitrates wouldn't even effect goldfish eggs, much less adult goldfish.

  9. Right. I tested twice because it didn’t make sense. Same values both times ((no food coloring, either, although I do understand and appreciate the skepticism)). My API test kit’s components expire in 2025-2027, but it’s very possible that something has gone bad.

  10. Oh nope your kit is probably fine then, the answer is that they're using nasty water from other tanks. How incredibly stupid. My apologies for suggesting the food coloring thing, turns out pet store employees are sometimes just more clueless than I had reckoned on.

  11. No worries. I was quite puzzled by the test results, too, and thought there must have been a simpler explanation. When I called them today, I thought the same thing - how stupid of them to use gross water from other tanks…

  12. It's hard, but I do think it's for the best if fish keepers hold that mental separation for animals like fish and insects. Like... I love my pets, but also I have canned sardines in the pantry, not canned cat meat. Many fish regularly eat each other! I could accidentally give my fish a terrible death by something as innocuous as adding untreated tap water to the tank. My dog has literally evolved to be compatible with human life, my fish is more like a bizarre and fussy underwater orchid. If 10% of puppies died on their way to your home it would be a horrible and avoidable tragedy. A shipment of dead fish can't set off the same emotional response in you or you're not going to be able to go on keeping fish.

  13. If he wants to be Jewish, he can convert. He doesn't get to identify as Jewish because he has 12.5% Ashkenazi DNA. We don't go by blood percentages in determining membership.

  14. I'm here to say that unfortunately this kind of person would absolutely claim they were Native and would accuse an actual member of gatekeeping.

  15. It's interesting as Jewishness is one of the few modern 'identities' impervious to intersectorality given it has relatively well-defined (albeit not perfectly clear cut) definitions of who is and isn't a Jew.

  16. Do you... mean intersectionality, maybe? Though maybe you don't, because Jews can definitely experience intersectionality. Now I'm just confused.

  17. So there was a fellow here who had the same problem, he ended up making a plastic grid that affixed to the sides of the tank just a bit below the surface. So things could float down but the damn fish couldn't blub at the surface. Looked weird but fixed the problem for him.

  18. Something you might consider is watching a few services on Zoom before going in person, many Conservative and Reform synagogues have them and some will have a pdf of the siddur they use as well. It's a good way to get a little more familiar with the structure of a service without having to worry that you're making a mistake in front of others. I attended a few online before going in person and it made it much less stressful than if I had just tried in person right away! It also gave me a chance to see how different services can be, even the same shul Erev Shabbat vs. Shabbat morning. More Orthodox shuls are unlikely to have this option but you could still try attending services in person with more familiarity.

  19. I love Matiz in general, but always feel bad for cracking a can of these because my dog expects me to share the oil with her! Sorry baby it's too spicy. :(

  20. Just wait. Increasing the heat and oxygen will help a little but this is the longest part of establishing a cycle, just be patient.

  21. Hole in the head. There are multiple potential causes so choosing the correct treatment can be difficult. I have no personal experience with it but this fish veterinarian has some advice that may be of use.

  22. Two thoughts. 1) It's hard to tell from the photo, but she looks to maybe be thin, despite the occasional bloating. Need calories to grow fins. 2) She's getting old. At least 2.5 years, possibly from a rough environment before you got her, and she's been bred? That's a lot of energy demands on a little body. In the same way that old people start looking kind of raggedy, the same may be happening here. Her body may simply not have the energy stories, cell regeneration, etc. to heal the physical damage, as opposed to it being an infection. Especially with the swelling that sounds less like bloat and more like slow organ failure.

  23. Thanks so much for the reply. She was severely emaciated when I got her and has put on weight since I’ve been caring for her but definitely still thin.

  24. I think if it were me, I'd keep feeding during the bloating periods as long as it seems like the bloating is from something other than constipation. Easy to digest foods like soaked pellets, brine shrimp, daphnia etc. may be helpful here as you can allay some of your own concerns about her becoming constipated and they're maybe a little quicker to move through her body, so she can be fed a little more frequently. And really it can just be hard to tell with females, they can get so round but a lot of it is just their own enormous ovaries. For it to be lopsided and verging on transparent sounds more like fluid retention than being so full of poop. You could try Epsom salt baths for fluid retention, but being netted and dipped is stressful in its own right, so it's always a balancing act.

  25. Five gallons for a long-finned boy is terrific, you've put together a gorgeous tank with lots of places to explore and hide for this fish. Seriously, it's a beautiful tank.

  26. Yup, bacterial bloom as it's a new tank. You'll likely need to do a fish-in cycle; the bacteria will likely clear up in a few days, but it may be a month or so before the tank itself is supporting enough beneficial bacteria to keep your fish healthy.

  27. Is there any use to black walnuts aside from pig snacks? We have a couple in our tree line but I'm mostly familiar with fighting off the sapling ones from bird drops that want to grow right along our front porch.

  28. You can make ink out of the husks, it's a bit messy but a fun art project.

  29. To clarify- I know Seachem Prime does not remove ammonia. I also have read that the API kits can show positive for ammonia when it is actually chlorine or chloramine. I am wondering how to proceed when my conditioned water (which is what the test shows) is showing a high level of whatever chemical the test is picking up on.

  30. When you add Prime (or any conditioner) to water containing chloramine, what you are left with is ammonia and chlorine; the chlorine is also instantly oxidized by the conditioner so it is of no concern, but the ammonia remains until it is converted to nitrates by your cycle. If you added Prime to a bucket of water outside of the tank, there is no cycle, so the ammonia remains. If your cycle is not well-established in the tank, it will take a longer time than is ideal for the fish to convert all the ammonia to nitrates. If this is the case, use jugs of water from the grocery store, which should not have chloramine in (add conditioner just in case and test for ammonia). You will need to do that until the cycle in the tank is well-established. If you don't have any fish in the tank yet and are doing a fishless cycle, just leave the whole thing alone, let the cycle keep establishing.

  31. Check out cellophane bettas, they are somewhat see-through, and not an uncommon color to find.

  32. My partner got me some chili crisp with onion from Trader Joe's, it's so absurdly good. I eat way too much of it in one sitting though.

  33. I actually worked in jewelry, and nickel is one of the biggest offenders as far as metals used for compounds that give people allergic reactions. I will personally break out if I wear a 100% silver necklace for more than a day; it was extra sad to find out my neck was that sensitive too because I had a silver chain holding a necklace urn after my dad's passing. A halfway strong gauge on a 14k gold necklace is 10-15 times as expensive as sterling silver.

  34. Do you know if you're allergic to titanium? It's still a bit more expensive than sterling silver but likely less than gold.

  35. I swear by an extra-long rise in the fridge like this (or at least I did before the celiac got me), it's best for challah too. Seems to give the yeast much more time to develop a complex flavor. Beautiful loaf, only a little jealous!

  36. Heartbreaking stuff. My shul is full of beautiful queer people, many of them offer their skills to keep everything going, they chant Torah, lead Torah studies, offer their time and energy and all too often scarce resources to support the community. I can't imagine any one of them ever saying something as hateful as some of the elected officials quoted here.

  37. I got Bus Stop the king Betta 1.5 years ago, so he's likely about 2 years old.

  38. Really odd to see, Bettas will sometimes develop bubbles on their fins very briefly, but it seems unrelated to water quality and usually disappears within a day.

  39. I don't see ich on her anywhere? The bubble is most likely a tumor and there unfortunately isn't anything to be done for it.

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