1. Didn’t we discuss a couple days ago in the longer cut of the video that Pete says “the last time”, as in this footage isn’t the first time she tried on the dress and it was even tighter on her the last time?

  2. Pete is a clout chaser plain and simple. He doesn't gaf as long as he's getting a certain type of attention. People act like he's some little innocent boy who doesn't know what he's gotten into with Kim. They are both using each other and no one will ever convince me others but yeah... on topic of this post, Pete is definitely a hypocrite but he's so sleevy that Kim is actually a perfect match for him because she's skeevy af these days too.

  3. the irony that she ruined a historic garment to a fundraiser for the costume institute which preserves historic garments

  4. I think Pete’s just pretending that he doesn’t like to get papped. Can’t smile or they will know you like it 🤷‍♀️

  5. Wow. That was hard to watch. The fake chewing. Staring at the camera. So weird.

  6. I don't understand this take at all. I mean, I suppose if you don't pay attention to Pete, or don't particularly like him, it can be confusing to see where he's at but he's been leveling up his career for the last few years. He's been getting these opportunities for a while. In 2020 he was cast in a pretty serious war movie opposite Tom Hardy and Bill Skarsgard - I don't think that movie is happening now, the director and Skarsgard are remaking The Crow instead, but my point is he was starting to book good roles before Kim. This new movie is with A24, who he worked with last summer pre-Kim, and it's directed by David Michod who previously worked with Robert Pattinson and Timothee Chalamet, both of whom he's friends with. So those connections are probably more relevant here.

  7. Same. It seems like no one wants to work these days. I’m putting in the fucking work.

  8. I think the jokes were funny and not mean. Can’t wait for the material about kete when they breakup. 🤞

  9. LOL that she made him take off the purple hat and that’s the shot in the thumbnail 😂

  10. Being different lol. That’s why I want to Pete to not wear a regular suit or something like that to the MET, be unique

  11. Do you think he could pull off sweatpants to the MET? That would be something 😂

  12. Wait what??? Is she saying that Stormi didn't live up to her aesthetics? What????

  13. No, she’s saying Kylie didn’t consent to Stormi being posted but she just had to post the picture of Chi since she was wearing pink and it matched her aesthetics. So, crop the picture!

  14. Again asking Kylie about “bouncing back”! How about a question about the kids or on having a newborn the second time around? But no, let’s focus on her fucking BODY! No wonder she feels the pressure.

  15. Doesn’t matter what Kim said, I think she didn’t want him to walk the carpet with her. I think he totally would have done it and probably wanted to.

  16. Idk why people who didn’t like the last few seasons of KUWTK would suddenly expect this one to be so much better. They are holding back most of the interesting drama/gossipy portions of their lives because they’re so obsessed with having control of the narrative.

  17. I think I heard they’re already planning for 2 seasons. How great would it be if the ratings were too low to go ahead with the second season 🤞

  18. Come on, it’s not just the Jasmine costume. He got her the rug, too! 😂 I actually think it’s a sweet gesture since she said it was their first kiss.

  19. what exactly does kim do to stop executions? bc i seen on twitter a while ago of the lawyers that actually do the work

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