Jimmy Fallon at the Rangers game

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  1. We know... been saying it for months now, multiple posts and tweets and shit about it. It is all but done.

  2. she aint even that good looking, flabby ass and fake tits lol. watch some of her leaks not the shit that is edited.

  3. the issue here is you need to think of overwatch 2 as two difference games, just with the same title. distinguish them as Overwatch 2 PVP and Overwatch 2 PVE. OW2 PVP is basically and update to OW1, OW2 PVe is an entirely need game.

  4. they 1000000000000000% would never do this dipshit, the queue times are the reason we get one less tank lol the queue times are 99% of what ppl cried about for years... no way they split it. the IQ of some of these players...

  5. haha ikr wtf. her face is a 9 the rest...like a 5.5

  6. God I can’t stand the Kolesar takes around Sabres armchair gms. We’d be giving up assets for another Hayden with a touch more speed.

  7. i dont want that pos anywhere near this team. ALSO hayden is faster than ppl realized.

  8. Booooy does this sub fuckin hate us lmfao.

  9. i mean can you blame us?, LTIR manipulation, back to back cups, DIRTY ass players and cocky bandwagon fans. you're basically the brady patriots lol

  10. hell yea brother, aint forgetting that bullshit OR taking out 2 of our fucking goalies in 1 GAME!. dirtiest team in the league

  11. Maroon wants the other guy. Reaves not letting him have that. Maroon only punches down, it looks like.

  12. yea he wants none of Reaves, 6 foor 3 238lbs he a big boy

  13. I saw that gloved punch at Motte. I officially HATE Cal Foote.

  14. This entire show feels like a poorly made fan-fiction YouTube series. People are just foaming at the mouth for more Star Wars regardless of how bad it is.

  15. Pretty much. hell even mando show was kinda dry . the western theme and grogo saved it. All down hill since then. disney makes pretty trash shows for braindead zombie fans.

  16. Rangers as flat as a pre-teen girl all game, oof better pick it up next game.

  17. Man, there are absolutely 0 flattering pictures of this man.

  18. dude is 100% goofy lookin, no angles or Ps could fix that haha

  19. Guys, the season is over and we now know where their draft pick is. Stop posting about this shithead, it’s getting embarrassing.

  20. off-season bub, anything is fair game.. jack deserves to be meme'd on

  21. This is pretty funny, but these bitter ex-girlfriend posts about Jack are also getting pretty old lol. It's been a full season guys, we can move on now

  22. haha it is the offseason and he is a crybaby pos and vegas is a meme team, still gunna be fun next season to rip on them too :P

  23. I got banned for no reason? I have never cheated and got banned? How long does it take for them to fix something like this?

  24. just make a new acct til it gets fixed, it is free ffs.

  25. Most of the time in pubs it is smg/ar meta already. And PK gonna be even stronger now

  26. Glad we didnt get Gallant, man looks mean af, always mad as hell too.

  27. Honestly this is a very smart move from respawn, they make the update so big to force you to delete other games so you play more apex because that’s the only game installed.

  28. wtf you talking about? there is only one way to refer to goalies and their position in the lineup... do you even watch hockey lol, good lord

  29. Radko Gudas would be a great add because he's good at hockey and would throw a bone to the suburban dads with selfies of them wearing sunglasses trucks who say the Sabres need to be more pHySiCaL.

  30. not to be that guy but have you watched any of the playoffs, lol there is a reason boomer dads say we need physicality, it is for playoffs. We will get run the fuck over without it 100%

  31. Where is the option for BORN there... don't live there?, i've lived there multiple times... not far from it now.

  32. I’d like to nominate Ralph Kreuger for the “Dumbest Asshole We’ve Ever Had Behind Our Bench” award

  33. i'd like stop seeing his name and bring him up all the time but reddit never lets anything go. we get it RK was shit esp to skinner get over it. Jeff prob has.

  34. That’s the vibe I get from the Preds Twitter account. These brand accounts trying too hard to be cryptic and quirky

  35. literally everyone with a social these days. also sub to my OF

  36. He's not some faceoff wizard. He's just an above-average faceoff guy. He's a black hole otherwise. Plenty of players are good at faceoffs and can actually play NHL hockey after taking possession of the puck. I can't wait for him to be gone.

  37. First, I'm not sure that's true. Second, it's not a matter of having to decide which one player to upgrade on the roster. Upgrade everyone that you can who hasn't played well. Anders Bjork hasn't exactly lit the world on fire since coming here. I'd move on from him in a second if there's a better option available, which there probably is.

  38. haha it was more a joke than anything. Eaking can at least do faceoffs ok, can grind with girgs on the 4th line(tho still carried imo), he can also PK pretty well. Bjork does none of those things on top of killing offensive plays. Having said that i dont want either of them here next year.

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