well i think this game won't survive for 10 years

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  1. https://instagram.com/pixietatts?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

  2. You can either pay almost the price of a controller to get it repaired, then it probably won’t work the exactly same anyway, or just buy a new one.

  3. Heartless, Violence, You Had Me At Hello

  4. These comments by him plus rising gas prices are going to make American popular support for Ukraine dwindle real quick.

  5. Are you serious? The guy is being hunted by the 2nd largest military force in the world. The odds are massively stacked against Ukraine. Of course he’s going to do everything in his power to get every single slither of help he can from the West. As for gas prices, US already has one of the cheapest in the world compared with other first world countries. Total none issue for most Americans at the moment.

  6. What don't you like about You're Welcome? Sure it's different and a bit weird but hey it's alright

  7. ADTRs speciality of heavy dark music with a dose of pop punk has all but gone in favour of fully fledged pop songs on You’re Welcome. If it wasn’t for 2 or 3 (pretty good) tracks I could see the album being released by Panic at the Disco.

  8. It needs more content, updated frequently. I have no doubt it’s difficult to do but it’s what keeps games like Fortnite persistently relevant

  9. If you press some buttons at an angle and not hard they won’t work. You will get used to it. But it is annoying because not a single PlayStation controller has this issue. Saying that, I still prefer the ergonomics of the Xbox pad.

  10. Does it work? If it does. Do nothing. Just wait til you get a new console. No point in taking it apart because you’ll probably end up fucking the console up.

  11. This dude fking knows the way. If you’ve never played original Xbox halo you’ve missed out. The original graphics were completely destroyed when it was ported to MCC and it just never felt the same.

  12. To be fair 343 recently made some big changes that rectified most of the missing graphical features that were broken or not present on the PC port. (PC port was of course the basis for Halo 1 on MCC)

  13. I'm not the same person who posted this, but I think the room usually has more fog to make it more atmospheric. The Switch versions of the N64 games have less fog because a lot of the fog in N64 games was used to save processing power, which the Switch shouldn't need to do.

  14. There’s no need to use fog for that purpose in this scene. There’s nothing to be drawn in the distance that needs to be loaded into memory. Compare it to Hyrule field for instance, which is a pretty big landscape with little to no fog.

  15. They really need a rating system for servers

  16. Nah, they’ll only release when the effects of the pandemic has subsided and they can tour. Pouring tons of effort and money into your biggest record (The first under a major label) and it only achieving a fraction of its potential revenue obviously isn’t a very wise or appealing prospect. On the bright side, they’ve had A LOT of time to perfect these tracks.

  17. Why would they remake their weakest album? Victory already did it anyways, it's called Old Record

  18. Old record sucks because Victory rushed the production. They’ve said this in an interview. Compare Heartless off For Those Who Have Heart to Old Record.

  19. They should re-record And Their Name Was Treason just not with the pressure from victory they had with Old Record. Compare the For Those Who Have Heart version of Heartless to the Old Record one. If only they redid the whole thing like that!

  20. If it’s a long set yeah They’re also playing Sticks and Bricks this whole tour which is actually amazing and pretty rare

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