1. That ending is so perfectly booked. Bronson eliminates the favorites so Lashley gets the pop for throwing him out.

  2. Didn't sound like there was a pop for that finish tho...

  3. then i guess the international feed into BT Sport didn't have it

  4. Now we need a Ford Mondeo ST200 for that livery!

  5. If you're on the Forza Forum, You can vote for vehicles you wish to be added to Forza in future on the SHUB. Keep in mind the SHUB does not guarantee the cars will get added to the game but can help give picture of what cars and features the team wishes to be added to future updates...

  6. Didn't they say the same thing about the Newcastle Saudi ownership.... Which was ripped apart by a court case in the US.

  7. He talks a big game, but Red Bull is the Max show through and through.

  8. immigrant camps is, on a number of levels, a batshit insane decision. It's gonna put the image of the UK further in the gutter

  9. Yeah, that's a mass-death scandal just waiting to happen. They're effectively inviting it. This will weaken our already shaky position with the rest of Europe, the US won't like it, and China will be able to needle us about it if we mention things like Shien.

  10. and it'll be set up just in time for the next GE, where it will become yet another issue for Labour to fix

  11. Anyone know if there's a chance forThomasin McKenzie in her new show "Totally Completely Fine"?

  12. Is Stan a channel that does nudity?

  13. https://www.reddit.com/r/ukpolitics/comments/126vj1e/bbc_question_time_live_thread_8pm_iplayer_1040pm/

  14. Has a Firefly vibe from that angle

  15. Anyone else feel like this entire season was written around Pedro's Last of Us availability?

  16. Seeing as it's two stunt dudes in the suit, i don't think so. Film the season with the stunt guys, then have Pedro ADR it in after he's done with TLOU (or during)

  17. did anyone else recognize filoni in the new republic canteen?

  18. NGL.... that first shot gave me big Firefly vibes

  19. that name slip by Raab felt deliberate

  20. How come Flynn isn't doing the questions today when he's present anyways?

  21. IIRC, i think when the leaders are out of PMQs (outside of unplanned illness) all parties shift to their deputies

  22. Political party decides that person removed from party won't be standing for party at election.

  23. Didn't know that Sunak had a committee thing today... turned over and he's floundering badly. Guessing this is how the first 30 minutes or so went

  24. Pundit was a twerp, but the manager shouldn't have gotten that pissed off over it.... And the presenter should have stopped things much earlier

  25. You missed reading the faq section in the post you're commenting on.

  26. They just haven’t fixed it yet on console. They haven’t fixed anything on console….

  27. I know there's a fair few issues with the console release. Got a few sections of invisible monorail track atm to prove it... was just wondering if i'd missed something or not

  28. Nobody knows that the alleged victim dropped charges today then huh? Figures

  29. I saw his lawyers were saying that they had two written statements from them recanting the allegations. Didn't know they'd officially dropped charges too

  30. They didn’t and I’m fairly certain they can’t. Due to the fact that victims so often recant statement in domestic situations, a lot of places have laws in place that the victim’s statements do not prevent a case going forward if they believe they have one. And I’m pretty sure Manhattan is one of those places.

  31. I see. That does make a lot of sense to not allow recant statements to effect a case going forward or not... that stops abusers being able to coerce their victims into recanting.

  32. Who does everyone think the preferred bidder will be?

  33. It's gonna end up being Qatar unless the Glazers draw it out so much that they walk away and buy someone else.

  34. He's not part of the Labour party... so why would he?

  35. Does sound like it tbh. Getting it out there that there are several other discipline issues beyond “just” the domestic abuse to help justify the decision to terminate his contract.

  36. Hopefully this saga for the club ends soon. I get why they held off on sacking him. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but he needs to go ASAP

  37. I have a feeling will not be resolved under current ownership and the club investigation in part is to defer decision until the takeover business is complete and let new owners make the call

  38. for me... if it's Jim, he's gone.... if it's the Qatar group, he'll end up staying.

  39. i mean.... isn't that quote a good thing? Labour had their worst result in decades in 2019 ... i would think that everyone would be happy that the party has looked at why that happened and changed things internally to prevent it happening again.

  40. You'd be a fool to draw any conclusions from the 2019 election that weren't heavily based on Brexit.

  41. blaming 2019's result on Brexit is the wrong thing to do.

  42. This reads like the first little things that leak out before they announce the result of the internal inquiry.... which will be him sacked.

  43. Nothing over a single, simple punch in the face

  44. When I had my kneecap removed, I had one of the country's top orthopaedic professors come out of retirement to be part of the operation.... Simply because of how wonky my legs are.

  45. he also posted a clip of himself being moved to a MRI room on his bed and there was only one foot visible.

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