1. Hi! Any interest in joining the TTC Newbie sub? I can send the mod a request to invite you - it’s a good place to transition from WTT to TTC. I also lurk and read a lot in baby bumps to see what other people’s plans and experiences are. I also do not fully understand what appointments/tests are necessary versus standard. TTC Newbie is good for sharing these early experiences, as the TFAB sub is more geared toward people whose TTC journey has gone past the basics of preparing and having sex during the fertile window.

  2. That sounds like a super helpful community! I would love an invite to join!

  3. I totally forgot the name of that place and am actually shocked that it's operational (with a 3.9 on google?! What?!) My husband and I still talk about the one and only time we ever went there and it was years ago.

  4. I don't know what kind you're looking for, but I noticed they had a few different varieties in stock at the Giant Eagle in Verona when I was there on Wednesday evening!

  5. Wow, she looks so much like my dog from some angles!! What a cute mix!!

  6. I just peeked and she really does! It's amazing how totally different mixes can end up looking similar. There's another dog in our neighborhood who looks like her (and yours!) and when we ran into him for the first time his owner was so excited that they looked alike and said he was "a little bit of everything". I'm going to ask for more details the next time we see her!

  7. Wow I guessed the chow and pit but I thought the % would be higher! I wouldn’t have guessed the shar-pei. What a cute dog!!!

  8. Thank you! And at least we can still stick to "she's kind of a mutt" when people ask what she is!

  9. A Shar Pei's whole appearance is based on their smaller ears and the single gene mutation that causes their wrinkles/swollen tissues. Once you get below 50%, the chances of them inheriting either start to decrease. If they don't happen to inherit either of these, you're going to get a drastically different looking dog.

  10. Thank you for that explanation! I guess that's the reason it's so surprising - not even a hint of that look about her! My husband even said "a WHAT?!" when we were watching the results video, haha.

  11. Seconding Paws Across Pittsburgh!

  12. She's around 5 months and about 32lbs!

  13. This might just be a me thing, but all of those little projects/improvements you make a mental list of while you're touring the house are not going to happen right away, no matter how much you tell yourself they're going to be an immediate priority!

  14. I relate to this. We also bought in October and I thought everything on my list would be done in the winter. Well now it’s April and maybe 1/4 of the things are done. It’s mostly cosmetic things I’m DIY-ing. One thing that really made me feel bad is that I botched touching up the paint in our bedroom. We didn’t have the paint so I got it matched and it doesn’t match but I put it all over the nail holes (of which there were many). Learning experience for sure.

  15. The previous owners left so much paint in the basement but it's every color eccept the one on most of the walls! It's kind of baffling to me and I'm worried about trying to touch up anything for that exact reason! I'm seriously impressed you tackled anything paint-related, though! I wanted an accent wall in the living room and to change two of the bedrooms but approximately none of that happened.

  16. I can say from a tax perspective it will affect your taxable income come time to sell it. Seems like you are already doing what you need to by getting it corrected.

  17. Thank you! I've been on that site multiple times recently and only noticed the problem today. It's good to know it's not a huge deal as long as we get it fixed.

  18. As others have said, I think it depends on which part you end up in. I'm not super familiar with the area you bought in but I've got gotten the impression that Churchill is generally good. It's pretty much a cesspool so I recommend using it sparingly, but I've found that Nextdoor is helpful for getting an overall sense of an area. Recently, it seems like the main thing people from Churchill are complaining about on there is the Amazon issue, not crime.

  19. It's unfortunate that it basically amounts to an unpopular opinion. I feel like people are prematurely limiting themselves when it comes to options and that it's particularly shortsighted to do that in this particular housing market given that you can still find decent deals in nice neighborhoods. Absolutely not knocking anyone who puts a ton of stock in those ratings, but I think there's a bit more nuance than just a number out of 10.

  20. Yup! New Brunswicker here. Been in Pittsburgh for 7 years now.

  21. Oh hey! Also a New Brunswicker! I've been here for about 6 years now and have used "New Brunswick...kind of near where Sidney Crosby is from" many times!

  22. Thank you for asking this! I was just having a similar conversation with my husband last night. We have an 11/12 week old who's due for her next round of shots at the end of the month. We're trying to take her on car rides and to meet a few people - within reason due to covid, of course - but otherwise feel pretty confined to our backyard and house. I have a friend down the street who has a puppy around the same age and our vet said no play visits until vaccines are done.

  23. I second this, chow and Australian Shephard look like the predominant breeds. Hint: check the tongue. If it's fully red/pink, chow is unlikely, but if there are purple/gray/black spots, then there is almost definitely chow. And if you are seeing any herding behaviors, the aussie is highly probable

  24. Fully pink tongue and no noticeable herding behaviors as of yet!

  25. As an update: I was going through the folder we got from her rescue and came across her original surrender papers. It looks like she originally came from Kentucky (we're in PA) and the person who surrendered her and her siblings said mom was a "boston/heeler". She has a few very light brown 'freckles' on the white parts of her feet, but other than that I don't really see anything of mom - if her papers are accurate, that is.

  26. I feel you! Both my husband and I grew up in rentals and neither of us (we realized during this process) have ever lived in any one spot longer than 4-5 years, so actually owning a house is crazy.

  27. We're closing on a house today after starting with Better and then switching to a local lender at our agent's (who works for Better) suggestion). We ran into some early stumbling blocks with Better and ultimately the local lender could get things done faster. Throughout the process, our lender has been super responsive and proactive and we've liked being able to pick up a phone to call them any time we've needed to. We're still working with our original agent who said another client is at risk of not closing on time because the Better process is a lot more hands-off and reliant on you to be the really proactive one.

  28. We got our clear to close on Tuesday, final walk-through was last night, and we close at 3pm today!

  29. I can only speak about the experience up to a certain point because we started with them but have moved to a local lender. As with anything YMMV, but I will say to look at everything very closely before committing.

  30. I agree with the comments that recommend either using the time to figure out what you're looking for or finding out what the repercussions are for breaking your lease. From personal experience, a lot of my friends started buying houses last year and I can admit I got serious fomo, even though my husband and I weren't quite at the point where we wanted to get into the craziness of the market yet. I spent hours on Realtor for months, finding places I loved and then watching them go to "contingent" and then "sold" and getting really sad about it even though there was no way any of them ever would have been mine.

  31. Just went through the same thing with my mother-in-law today! They'd put a date, but not a time, on her card and didn't reach out to either of us (my contact info was on the appointment because she's not technologically inclined) to confirm her second appointment. We went back around the same time as the first appointment and were told that she wasn't on the list, but there were no issues with getting her the shot.

  32. And the demand is definitely either not there in these areas or the word just isn’t getting out. If you qualify by even a hair you should absolutely go

  33. Thanks! I'll see if I can find a way to get in touch with them before our appointments on Saturday. I've taken my mother-in-law to one at Rite Aid, and have heard about the experience at Giant Eagle, so if this is similar it probably is just an ID and insurance card.

  34. I didn't have to show anything, not even an ID or insurance card. It was kind of surprising how little they asked for - really just the completed and signed consent form - but it was a super easy in and out and everyone was very friendly!

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