[Highlight] Browns throw an INT in the red zone!

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[Kanell] Welcome to the playoff Ohio State. Way to do it the hard way!! Not everyone can get smoked at home by 22 points, sit on their couch with their pom poms and watch other teams risk it all and back their way in!! 👏👏

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[Postgame Thread] Utah Defeats USC 47-24

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  1. Idk if “He was wrong about me taking a lucrative coaching job at a top 20 program but at least he was right about me playing in a mid tier bowl a week before New Years” is really the burn you think it is Lane.

  2. And from what Godfrey reported on SZD, Lane was 100% going to Auburn until the last second. Lane aggressively pushed this narrative of he was never going there but apparently Kiffin had given a verbal commitment and was working out the fine print with lawyers until he changed his mind. This reporter might have jumped the gun a bit too early but it’s not like he made this up and Kiffin constantly ragging on him is getting old. He wasn’t wrong. Just early.

  3. Yeah, I feel like as fans we can kind of see the threshold or maximum level or even stats for some coaches in terms of position coach, coordinators, and head coach.

  4. If we could somehow upload Muschamp’s defensive coaching mind to the internet so we preserve it forever and have his wisdom without the explosive anger, it’d be the best possibility. Dude is an absolute wizard but can’t run a program.

  5. You don’t watch the Panthers if you think we have a bad o-line. There is a lot of bad things you can say about the team but o-line isn’t one of them.

  6. Hence why Darnold has maybe looked better than garbage the last couple games? Or am I just coping lmao

  7. So much hate, I mean panthers was all in on Watson. Lol

  8. My understanding was Golesh called plays, but Heupel had a lot of input and at times provided suggestions or straight up called plays.

  9. Unless there is a very clear plan of when Heupel takes over and/or overrides the call, I would think that’s hell for Golesh, when would he know his play is gonna be overruled? Clearly they had a system that worked but I’d love to know how that played out.

  10. This amazing thing called headsets. You talk into it and everyone in the booth and on the sidelines that’s also wearing one will hear what you say.

  11. Jesus Christ I understand how they communicate, I clearly meant the situations/awareness where it’s Heupel vs Golesh calling the play.

  12. Dabo: Alright, y'all get Klubnik but I still get some nepotism.

  13. This is legitimately one of the best comments I’ve seen about Dabo in awhile Lmao well done

  14. Lol it may be the beer but your username confused me. I saw it as SChas and was thinking "South Charleston isn't really a place, and certainly doesn't grow peaches."

  15. Lol I’ve gotten a lot of comments about my name but that’s the first time someone has interpreted it that way, well done. South Charleston would just be the middle of a marsh, but I bet a rotten peach grown from there is still better than a Georgia peach.

  16. Not 100% sure, but I think they try and look for anything that will redirect the airflow off the spoiler at superspeedways. Think of the spoiler as a parachute.

  17. Dale said further down in the replies that they did it to stop the wind from hitting the roof cam

  18. People laughing at the word jabroni like they’ve never heard the rock cut a promo before

  19. Good Lord they’re missing a wealth of American culture. Poontang pie? It doesn’t matter what you think? The millions AND MILLIONS?

  20. Why, oh why, did I have to check into Reddit?! I cannot resist this. The siren call of this shit show analysis means I must bake at least 3 dozen more cookies.....

  21. I can empathize with you- my wife loves when there’s a new episode because I can’t help but to put in headphones and clean the house while listening. I have to stay occupied with something or else I’ll lose my mind.

  22. This just shows that the “more blowouts”argument against playoff expansion is just a load of hogwash. A 9-3 team just demolished an 11-1 team with a heisman candidate at QB.

  23. I mean but to be fair, I think we all agree that an 11-1 USC is vastly different than an 11-1 Ohio St or something. Replace any of the big brands in USC’s place like it’ll be in the playoffs and it would be a blowout. Everyone knew before kickoff USC has charmin for defense.

  24. People are so caught up in giving more schools a chance that they don't see this expansion does the exact opposite, and they've ruined the regular season to boot.

  25. And when they’re playing with their 3rd string because they know their talent is deeper than anyone and they can afford a loss or two while they rest for the first round, the games will matter even less.

  26. Not only that but will anyone be surprised if a late loss/near loss is discounted by the committee for seeding purposes because they took out starters early?

  27. They absolutely will continue to seed these teams based on television ratings and potential what-if matchups because this entire process was literally founded and continued by ESPN. It’s all narrative driven. Until there is an objective measurement like the nfl and nba uses for their playoff system, this will continue to cause controversy. This expanded playoff is an attempt to continue to band aid the fact that parity is basically gone, without realizing this is going to increase the gap between the elite and little guys even more.

  28. Too bad, come here buddy. We have plenty of room down here at the bottom. Over there with the calculator is Vanderbilt, and the one sniffing glue is Auburn. Make yourself at home with us in the bottom 4.

  29. I don’t know if I should still pretend we’re at the bottom of we’re slowly peeping up to the middle of the pack yet

  30. Boy STFU y'all be cappin on this app too much mf never smelt a head coaches office never done shit but eat Bojangles!!

  31. As a Carolina transplant now in Texas and at least 12 hours away form the closest Bojangles, every time I see it brought up on this sub brings a tear to my eye. Combined with the Lamar pasta? I weep with joy.

  32. As someone who went the opposite direction, what you lost in Bojangles you gained in Whataburger.

  33. For the sake of remaining civil I’m just gonna say I absolutely 100% disagree with you and there is no changing my mind but that’s your opinion man

  34. I took it to mean he thinks minimum wage “burger flippers” are incapable of planning and have severe alcoholism. But only because I like jumping through hoops to take quotes out of context

  35. Yep. He won his ring by riding Von Millers MVP performance. I still wake up at night with a cold sweat thinking about Cam missing his ring. Screw you Mike Remmers.

  36. I trust Schwartz to turn us around if given enough time. No one is expecting NCAAT appearances out of this team in the near future, so it'll be a multi-year process for sure.

  37. I’m not exaggerating when I say I know literally nothing about your program, what’s the recent history?

  38. A light 348 kenpom for SC State and they get the W in the road?? ORANGEBURG BOUT TO BE LIT TONIGHT LETS GO FIRST DUB BULLDOGS

  39. Mafah, too. We benched him for a while after the kickoff fumble (which admittedly was costly), but he was a weapon that was sorely missing from the offense.

  40. Am I wrong for thinking that the stupid huddle trick play is just as much to blame/if not more to blame than Mafah fumbling that? I get he needs to hold on to the ball, but I'm just thinking about the rhythm of a kick return and how dumb it was to have potential blockers turn around just to turn back and try to block. I can't imagine how hard that must be to process and find a lane to run through.

  41. You've got a lawyer on line 3 who claims he represents Joel Osteen, should I put him through?

  42. Sure, just tell the lawyer that the payment for billable hours can be found stuffed in the bathroom walls of the "church"

  43. this hire has exposed freeze’s fuckery. i knew he was a sussy baka but some of these details are straight up vile

  44. I’m waiting for a journalist to refer to someone as “sussy baka” in a serious tone, it’ll happen in the next 10 years as gen Z enters the workforce

  45. As someone who doesn't keep up with the NFL, what Meyer do?

  46. It's such a long list, I recommend you google it. He kicked a kicker while he was stretching, he would constantly belittle players and coaching staff, he would make every member of the coaching staff go around the room and share their accomplishments/why they think they're worthy of being on an NFL staff. Which is super weird because Urban is the one who hired them. Basically Urban took the old school "I'm the warden of this team and I will gloat in my toxic masculinity" and turned it up to an 11. That stuff works in college when you're dealing with naive 18 year olds. It doesn't work when you're dealing with a 27 year old man who has already made millions of dollars and is a grown adult.

  47. PFB and Godfrey about to create the greatest tag team of all time, move over Hardy Boys

  48. I have a cousin that went to Miami, and she basically said the whole process of going to and watching the games was just not worth the effort

  49. Can someone outline the similarities and differences between Miami's situation and UCLA's situation? Both have stadiums that are a good distance (whether by geography or traffic in LA) from campus, right?

  50. The way he repeats a question for the audience over and over and over, eugh. 'Can you guess? Do you know? Do you know it?' it's like he doesn't remember the answer himself and he's stalling to remember.

  51. I find Alex entertaining but I also respect the power he holds in the right wing. The amount of InfoWars stickers I see here in Texas are enough to know that as much as he makes a fool of himself, you still have to take him somewhat seriously because he controls a massive amount of people.

  52. Other reports coming out that he agreed to relinquish control of his social media.

  53. Yeah that makes it somehow even worse than it already is- so either you admit his social media antics are reckless, therefore calling into question why you hired him in the first place, or you suddenly put social media restrictions on a new employee without explaining why? Jesus Christ

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