1. Unpopular opinion, THBB10 looks better than TOD10

  2. Heres an unpopular opinion that shouldnt be, Both of scotts sigs look better than tims

  3. I agree with the new ones. I actually cancelled my TOD preorder for Scottie’s KRYS, but idk I think I prefer the THBB to the SLM

  4. I eill say the thbb fret marks are lit but that quilted maple is umparalleled

  5. Someone help my brain out...."asf?"

  6. We can't just say "as fuck" anymore?

  7. Nah. Mat of Mingeese said so

  8. Bro what? Thisnt isnt even a complete thought

  9. Open your eyes and look north. Man of the year could never express that much emotion

  10. Close second for me. It’s safe to say will always win in my eyes

  11. That whole album tbh. Gold

  12. Its a spray paint you get from crates I believe

  13. If you can, add an instrument track to your daw, drag and drop the midi file onto that track. In the TH plugin settings on the midi you should be able to literally pick what channel you get your midi notes from

  14. I tried to drag and drop it on a midi track, it just wont let me for some reason. maybe theres a problem with the midi sequence Thank you for trying to help

  15. It might just be your daw, reaper isnt really that advanced, idk though. You can get FL studio cracks pretty easily

  16. Someone didnt download Counter Strike Source

  17. Compressor, Boost mids and treble, single coil neck and middle

  18. Cooler Heads Splatter the Most

  19. You have to get a different car to do that but I don't know which car do you need so you could do that

  20. Its available for supercharged motors

  21. Honestly, this game is all about race and minor tweaking. Sometiems you gotta just do it yourself. But set traction control at ab 5000 if it you are losing grip lower it a bit till you arent

  22. Ari Aster x DGD. Guys, I suspect we are in the best timeline.

  23. False. Harambe is ever-present, my child. He is with you always.

  24. 🙏🙏thank you brother

  25. Enough for tim to afford a C8 comfortably. Soooo, probably in the ball park of at least 100-200k per year for each member and probably closer to the 200k mark for tim since he does more promo stuff. Gotta keep in mind that a lot of their earned royalties got to labels, road crew/stage hands, and venues

  26. Ikr? Lmao mfs in this sub cant take a jome worth a damn.

  27. Hey op. Most DAWs have this feature!!! Its called a precount you can always create artificial ones if your workstation doesnt allow precounts. Or metronomes. Play a metronome through your phone up agaisnt your pickups and record 1, 2, or 3 measures and put that recording on its own track. Now when you record you'll hear however many bars you want before you start playing!

  28. The ai heard Finalr and said. Thats it, thats peak music. I cant beat that

  29. Status Audio Between Pros.

  30. Here. Comes. The. Winner.

  31. Ill one up you. Mark my words lmao

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