1. Brandon is the best host imo

  2. The guy hosing him down did not hold back either ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Iโ€™m curious how the Super League will aim to compete with the NWSL. Are they actually going to go after high end talent or just be a second tier league?

  4. I agree, if the NWSL remains the top league does the menโ€™s side being in USL stop the womenโ€™s side from being able to join NWSL? I would assume so

  5. Not necessarily. Louisville has a men's team in the USL, while their women's (pro) team is in the NWSL, and their women's (pre-professional) team is in the USL-W.

  6. I see, itโ€™s awesome that so many cities have teams but at some point I feel like thereโ€™s going to have to be someone to organize it all so itโ€™s not so random

  7. I always think itโ€™s crazy when he isnโ€™t on any of the lists like Rolling Stones top 100 drummers of all time.

  8. What? I thought he was ranked like #10 on the last one.

  9. He wasnโ€™t on the list I recently saw at least, maybe it was older

  10. We were ranked 29th in the league per ESPN at 15,647 average or 87.3% up from 14359 or 80.1% in 21/22.

  11. This is even more of a reason for the NBA to rig it for us

  12. I actually like it better than Ye, just my opinion though

  13. GF and I are going to Destin for the week. Any Recs on things to do there? Mostly just plan on chilling at the beach

  14. Dewey Destin is a pretty solid seafood option

  15. I couldnโ€™t imagine caring that much, itโ€™s sad lmao

  16. Recently Iโ€™ve been seeing a ton of videos on my YouTube for Wrestling with Andy, could be this one

  17. I wonโ€™t believe it until I hear it

  18. I would be more interested in Brandon v Dave personally, I think it would be funnier

  19. I donโ€™t know about most meaningful but Iโ€™m such a sucker for the Central Park intro

  20. Someoneโ€™s gotta get a photoshop working on this

  21. Itโ€™s from the stormlight archive series

  22. I used to send this to my friends every game last year ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  23. I think it would take the team being in a market like New York, LA, Miami, Chicago unfortunately

  24. Iโ€™m not so sure thatโ€™s the whole story. Ronaldo was reportedly extremely close to signing with Kansas City.

  25. I mean Iโ€™m sure the hundreds of millions per year is a pretty easy sway away from mls

  26. I usually go home from work around 1 and watch on my lunch break

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