1. No, sorry, we invade the local Dairy Queens now. You didn't get the memo.

  2. You think other aces care if you're trans?? Idk about that.

  3. Cold showers increase dopamine. Einstein laid under his desk to switch things up. If you're a robot, do something different🤷

  4. Practice the scenario, again and again, till it doesn't freak you out.

  5. Say what? That I'll talk to anyone for a minute, at least? Idk, it's true? We're all picky with our time. Some of us just get along better, have more to give and learn from each other.

  6. Oh I was just asking why you thought we wouldn't be friends 🥺 I'm nice to everyone!

  7. Nice is nice, like sugar and spice. But I like a kick of heat with my sweets. Candied ginger is my fave. I'm kind of addicted to it.

  8. Humans are always wanting to be gods. Gods just wanna be human. You've shown your hand.🤷

  9. Brilliant quote from a movie, which I won't name cause otherwise It's a spoiler! "She was dead before they used her image to seduce you."

  10. It's a macabre and disturbing thought, but after reading this I'm beginning to think that objectification is weirdly similar to necrop#![ia : "...own the body in their thoughts, discard the spirit, discard the person."

  11. I completely agree, though I tend to prefer the word necromancy, and interpret it as "romancing the dead" (not the actual definition)

  12. 🦁Will you kill the firstborn?? Please... kill the firstborn.

  13. As you stated you are a male and no one has bothered you , I am a woman who will always err on caution especially at night or when men approach me ,prayers for you!

  14. We all practice caution. Some more, some less, for our own reasons. My post wasn't about throwing caution to the wind.🤷 Idk how you thought I was saying that? 🤷 It seems like everyone has hearing problems.🙉 Either listen, or don't.

  15. either listen or dont??? you dont need to be rude , its just a reddit blog ok

  16. My bad, I guess I thought you were correcting me when you were just reiterating.

  17. But if her death causes him to die, then was it really love that motivated him in the first place?? If you want your story to have meaning, then the beginning and end needs to be the same. So start with love and end with love, or stay with death and end with death.

  18. Well, Idk if this will make sense, but here's how I think of love:

  19. So many people get a really shitty version cause they can't love themselves. It might start out good.But medicine isn't always pleasant. Sometimes It's amputation. Don't grow a ghost leg where you don't need one.

  20. The bible also says we'll have faith to move mountains. I think we generally don't have "enough" faith, but its not really up to us how much we're given. We do the best with what we have, and those who have are given more.🤷 Just my two cents. Careful lest we equate our wordly success to our faith and thereby diminish it.

  21. She does everything for others, and hardly gets anything back. She must be Jesus🤷 She must be Martha🤷 I don't mean to be rude, we all have problems. Most of us are convinced our problems are insurmountable. I prefer to give up. I'll seek out what gives back, and stop killing myself for validation. If that means I'll be alone with myself, and have to recreate myself, so be it.🤷

  22. This tone is very nasty. I was hoping that her friends from here could help me help her. She has serious mental health problems and has made several attempts on her life. Synthi has issues with unstable moods, severe anxiety, and psychotic thinking. If I was the one in Synthi's shoes I probably wouldn't have even said a word. I love and care about Synthi though and I felt convicted to ask here about getting advice. Your tone is not helpful, and it kind of makes me feel bad for even attempting to get advice for her.

  23. Sorry, I guess I'm just tired of people in general. I didn't put words in your mouth, those are my words that I spoke. Don't try and steal em😆


  25. It's not my fault I'm better than you🤷 I'm only human🤷 Wish you were too.

  26. I generally don't watch them because having a regular person playing Jesus makes me a little uncomfortable. But I think a lot of that might just be how I was raised, so I am definitely not going to judge other people for liking them.

  27. Someone painted a picture of Marry, mother of Jesus, as an older (40's) woman, and I guess a lot of people were offended. Apparently painting "the mother of god" as human is verboten. Protestants are the same way with Jesus. There's a contradiction, it seems, cause the scripture says god became man but never sinned, yet Jesus was tempted, and by his own teaching (if I understand) he says that to even think something bad is a sin. Yet, how was he ever tempted if he never had a bad thought? And if he was never tempted, then how exactly did he share in our experience?

  28. Honestly this is a weird take, bro, plenty of movies are compatible with belief in Jesus

  29. Plenty? Cool. Which do you think does the best job? If you had to pick a favorite, to represent Jesus, which would you pick? Which would Jesus pick?

  30. Anyone that tells you this, ask them if it's aro-phobic to not want to date aromantics. I can't imagine you'd ever get a "yes".

  31. See I know how to be a lover and also because I'm a virgin and as a person who already gone through sexual abuse its already hard for me to trust men already. Unfortunately it's a skin on skin thing and that's something I have to do all the time.

  32. You're a VIRGIN!!?? Not relevant. Not sure why you told me that.

  33. Well I thought I'd add that because it makes it harder for me to date on top of having trauma. Where I live I don't meet a lot of guys and it's very rare when I do. But I guess I'll keep trying I do have 1 guy friend but we are just plotantic and I have no interest in dating him and he not interested in me like that.

  34. Those that have are given more. If you're not already, maybe focus on being your own parent, best friend, best version of you, and if there's a partner out there, you'll find each other.

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