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  1. My first thought after watching this is how I hoped instead of doing a copy of Sailor Moon's transformation, Mori would fit perfect if it's Fate Testarossa's Movie 2 transformation. Fate uses a scythe-like weapon (more accurately it's a battle axe but it can change form/upgrade into a scythe), naturally dark mahou shoujo outfit, has a cape as well.

  2. There are plenty of strikers that are on the short side of the scale that succeeded in the game. The biggest trade away being their inability to challenge ariel duels into their ability to play the ball better in tight situations due to their lower center of gravity. Aguero is 173cm. Messi is 169cm. Zola is 168cm.

  3. Definitely did it on purpose, why not use MVP (most valuable player) instead?

  4. Football typically uses MOTM, in the other hand Basketball and Baseball uses MVP. It has the same meaning but the respective sports just have a different naming for it.

  5. In fact Mr Bad Luck will get better and better when characters that can get stronger with pyro infusion inevitably comes.

  6. The copium from him is unreal lmao. Riboku would not sacrifice any vassal in his entourage for this play. But this guy was useless enough to the point that even Riboku didn't care lol

  7. It wasn't because of Riboku not caring about his life or death, it's because just like how Ouki had no information about Riboku's existence, Riboku in return didn't know much about Tou because Ouki was always been the one with the brightest spotlight. Tou was "just another Ouki's Aide" to Riboku at that time.

  8. But out of the 3 goals kunigami scored, only 1 was purely the product of his own skill. His first goal was 80% Isagi and Bachira, and his third was a toss-up between all of the strikers where he just happened to be the one who scored. Meanwhile, both of Chigiri goals were purely the product of his own skills, and he also contributed in keeping and taking the ball iirc during the team V match.

  9. Kunigami is a Targetman striker. His contributions wasn’t meant to be solely goals. They do hold up plays, let their teammates get into better attacking positions, and score from range themselves. Granted the whole manga is about scoring, hence he wasn’t in the spotlight unless MC gave him the ball in his striking range.

  10. Gacha in games doesn't fuel my gambling addiction, it fixed it instead. I can satisfy my urge without actually spending a single dime. I just keep creating new account in new games just and roll with it whenever I have that kind of urge.

  11. For a fast solution, beat up the gangs in the city. They will slowly come back but it’ll have to do if you can’t fix it yet. For the permanent solution, increasing your security and loyalty will remove it.

  12. Once again it's down to the player's greed to demand stuffs. The players themselves misunderstood the initial announcement and put their expectations sky high, and have the balls to be mad at the devs. The initial announcement page even has an * that said "Reward Details and rules of the event will be explained in the game" and the playerbase decided to ignore that line.

  13. The only gacha game I actually whaled in was KRSMA, and it was for Nimue. I just wanted every version of her.

  14. Seeing lil princess crying in the season 1 alternate ending broke my heart. I did not play other games for days during that mood. I’m just back to GT recently and seeing a cheerful lil princess again put a smile on my face.

  15. Since JAS is so hot to ROH right now, they should probably challenge the top guys for the ROH tag belts.

  16. 24755 despite not playing as much these days. The only one I didn't get 5k is the one on the floating island as the picture I got is just the bench on the side of one of the roads to the top of the mountain, and I'm a bit far from it .

  17. There's no way I can do this in my current playthrough.....

  18. After RAW last week I think they're setting up a Rollins/Lashley/Ali/Theory fatal four way.

  19. I'd be disappointed if I don't see Rollins Ali and Theory grouping up and give Lashley the payback for the ambushes he did on all 3 of them last week by putting him over multiple tables.

  20. If you want to climb the pvp ladders, some ssr cards are much stronger than sr, and they aren't exactly easy to come by. However, dailies does give a good amount of premium currency, which you can gacha for those cards. Even the daily shop sells premium currency sometimes. The bulk of the player's power comes with equipment, so even without paying, there's a lot to play for in pve.

  21. They are on the way towards east and are going to fight the forest bandits. That forest is much more lucrative than just some sunny side beaches they have now.

  22. Kota you are supposed to eat the cake not the fire !!!

  23. What @artemis297 said. I'm so glad Undecember doesn't have season resets. I hated leagues in PoE and only played standard because grinding temporary loot and building a character just to get deleted after 3 months is the stupidest idea ever invented.

  24. In PoE the character doesn't get deleted after the league ends though. It just moved to standard.

  25. I can tell it's definitely bootleg. In China the nickname of ultraman is 咸蛋超人, but the official name is 奥特曼。

  26. I'm degenerate enough to instantly recognize that last part is Gura's reaction to finding out she just drank Ina Milk.....

  27. In this episode, Jack stole Seven's Jeep, and in the next episode Seven arrived late to save Mebius because he had to find a horse instead.

  28. The scorched earth policy is practically as old as humanity, shame on them to be surprised with it.

  29. This wasn't a thing in China warfare back then. The first major incident similar to scorched earth policy (as far as I remember) is about 400 years after warring states era, which is the burning of the capital Luoyang when Dong Zhuo lost the war and fled.

  30. I am that annoying soldier in that tent. I custom built it so I can safely chop some heads from within. The castle wall is too weak ! Only defended by 200s while the enemies came with 3000s ! I became the national hero overnight by singlehandedly slaughtered almost 99% of them.

  31. Next thing you know the noble you flung his head off on the battlefield just resurrected and surrendered himself later.

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