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  1. I really hope there's more fanart/doujin about Aether/Lumine with The beautiful NPCs and not just with the Playable characters only. The NPCs deserve more fanart.

  2. I like Decker design hut slightly throw me of at first because of the colour timer position. I could be biased because Dyna is my favourite Heisei Ultraman. Both have similar design but not completely the same. Overall not perfect but good design.

  3. Trigger look absolutely nice with the blend of light and darkness which are a part of him that were separated. Looking forward for this form to show it self.

  4. Z left eye is red? Will this mean something will happen to Z in this..?

  5. My first dps is Aether Anemo in Mondstat and Geo in Liyue.

  6. EMIYA and Boudica is a rare ship that I wish have more art about them

  7. I like him yeah and did not find any good reason to hate/dislike him.

  8. I think I seen Gudao outfit before from a certain... Sekai no Hakaisha.

  9. Touma: Imagine Breaker, Invisible Thing, Precog.

  10. I like this chart. It's simple with in game/world info. Could probably add more info.

  11. I have this shirt. it's really nice and Baltan is one of my favourite enemy of the OG Ultraman.

  12. I like him a lot. Cosmos have a very cool fighting style and Eclipse mode have a very great design. The story are nice maybe not the greatest but definitely not the worst. I grow up watching Tiga, Dyna, Gaia and Cosmos with some Showa Ultras.

  13. Early this year, When i try to roll for someone else and got Merlin I was genuinely piss off that i got him. Still to this day i did not put a lot/any effort to making him Max everything.

  14. I really like this because no matter what I can never see them as a same person more like 2 very friendly and lucky Masters. I kinda imagine that Gudako is ShirouxRin daughter and Gudao is the only Fujimaru Ritsuka. I like to ship them together because they look great as a couple.

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