1. Agreed. My thoughts exactly. Buddy brings funk and a great upbeat vibe. He also can sing. Butch instantly brought the mood down.

  2. Ive been obsessed with tribe of heaven for years

  3. Agreed. Some of his most sophisticated and interesting chord progressions in Crush as well.

  4. That's the happiest I have ever been with a 9–8 regular season record. What a remarkable turnaround.

  5. Pressley the Punter is averaging over 50 yards per punt today.

  6. The source is a Rolling Stone interview he did in 2004, very easy to find. For what it's worth, I don't think Dave has genuine hatred for anyone on this earth. However, would the tone of this paragraph really be any different if at the beginning he said "oh yeah, I hate those guys"? No, it wouldn't. That's semantics. Dave disliked them as much as he likely is capable of disliking another individual.

  7. Turns out the definition of "hate" is:

  8. Wow, you won. You have proven that you know someone's personal feelings by misrepresenting my words and then trying to argue a weak, semantic point. Dislike, no matter how strong, is not hated. I am down if you want to debate semantics, ethics, and morals. But I wonder if this is the place.

  9. This is a great idea! Have you found any other pedal builders who have tried to build something similar? I have both of these (

  10. Best MUFC player under LvG: "Mike" Smalling. I will never forget that one.

  11. Dr. Fuson (husker_throaway) is someone that everyone here should listen to. His work on LeRoi (for real, read this guy's dissertation!) is pretty damn impressive. I am glad to have found your work, good sir!

  12. I have many thoughts on this one, having spent a lot of time in my

  13. Good old Dr. Fuson. I have been reading your dissertation for the past year (off and on), while I engage in some good ol' music theory/academic writing myself. I have tons of questions about your paper--mind if I DM you and set up a chat?

  14. I came across DMB by myself recently & took my brother to a show this year. We're both younger, so it does happen!

  15. Yup, you and MANY others! And I bet that everyone is glad that you are there.

  16. No, I don’t think that. At all. That’s a ridiculous thing to say. And it’s ridiculous to think that a show like this determines what their legacy is, especially after they just played two sold out shows at Madison square garden.

  17. I didn't say it determines their legacy. I said shows like this cheapen it. And since you just admitted that you do not see the other headlines as on par with DMB, then where is it that you disagree with my statement?

  18. There are a lot of posts here about how many of the DMB songs have helped us get through trying times, the loss of loved ones, and other difficult situations. I am most intrigued by this. Think about Dave's life and how much pain and loss he had to endure, some of it at the same time the band's upward trajectory began (early 1994).

  19. I almost didn't notice how badass Phil looked with the face buzz on account of the 13 knobs on the front of his bass. How on earth would anyone be able to focus on playing with all of those knobs?

  20. The Hooteroll album, November 1971. Garcia and Wales called their performing band "Hooteroll" in some press, like the Twitter post below.

  21. Did you, while drinking, cover every emotion from happiness to sorrow?

  22. Because you want to? This is not even close to anything in Rift. Maybe you should give your praise to the lord.

  23. The end of "Rift" has a fast guitar line moving with a somewhat similar chromatic ascent.

  24. Okay, I will ask. OP, bud...why were you watching this?

  25. I’m the same way. My wife just started listening to Dave and knows the lyrics better than me and the meaning of the songs better too.

  26. Life tip: that is likely not the only expertise in which her knowledge is superior. Grasp that and you will have a healthy relationship, my friend.

  27. I have a great relationship with my wife. You took my comment way out of context. I was only implying that I’m not a lyrical person and my wife is.

  28. The person taking things out of context is you, friend. It was sarcasm.

  29. You are a very smart person. You have a vast knowledge of music theory, music history, and you have a real love for this band. All that is very evident. I’m sure you’ll have a humble response to that, which I can appreciate, but you have more knowledge than me when it comes to the world of music. I respect that.

  30. I am not nearly as smart as you claim, but I suppose you expected that comment. The only thing I have a vast knowledge of is my awareness that I lack a vast knowledge of anything. I have a hunch that you could school me on many things, and I would welcome that earnestly.

  31. You gotta do a lot worse before I ignore you. haha. I find the predictable back and forth I see unfold tiring more so than any particular comment.

  32. I learn more from you than I could ever teach you, that's for sure! And the "jam band" stuff has been absolutely fascinating, so I am humbled by your kind words about that post. (I was worried that cross-posting would cause errors, so thanks for the kind words again!)

  33. At this point the best we can hope for is an album announcement with a summer tour.

  34. Yet none of these other bands you speak of have the experience and inherent pressure to produce significant album sales. Do not forget that DMB has the record for the most consecutive debut number-one albums. Don't you think that they will run the same game they did in 2018, linking album sales and concert tickets to make sure they debut number one?

  35. Except billboard a few years ago said they would no longer count albums linked to concert tickets as true sold albums.

  36. Wow, thanks for the reminder! I wonder if the language allows for bundled album-ticket sales; some of the quotes in the article you've linked (also, thank you for that!) seem to leave that possibility open.

  37. Set list wasn't great in my opinion and I really miss Boyd on so many songs.

  38. You can't be the real Benjamin Sisko. I know my captain wouldn't speak such blasphemy.

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