1. Time for some recent fun. Life in Hell.

  2. I'd be more than happy to. How many people we running?

  3. Probably just us two, if that’s alright

  4. Someone just dm'ed me saying they're in and also need help. Do we wanna run it with him or no?

  5. Cool cool, send me your Activision ID and we can get started :)

  6. Thanks for the help bro, much appreciated 🤝

  7. quitting nicotine, finding withdrawals super hard

  8. The last riff on the title track or the TLitD interlude, both just make me feel some kinda way.


  10. The Unforgiven II. I just… I can’t. No. Fuck that shit.

  11. The last 30 seconds of …And Justice for All. The way that lead part comes in at a lower register than before and then comes right back up is so fucking satisfying to me. It’s a big part of why it’s in my top ten Metallica songs.

  12. Definitely its accessibility, every map is easy without feeling mind-numbing. My cousin could never get into old Zombies because of all the shit they had to juggle in her mind, but I asked her to play Cold War with me and she loved it.

  13. Infinite Warfare has my favourite Campaign so I’d take it in a heartbeat

  14. I believe I was seven and Hardwired had just released, and my current favourite is AJfA

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