1. Fort Davis got about an inch, Balmorhea may have had two inches. None of it was as bad as the winter storm warning led me to believe it would be.

  2. It all stayed out in NM. I saw reports from the weather service in ABQ of up to a foot of snow in places, probably in drifts.

  3. It often comes down to the mixer too. For example, the AFTK 40th Anniversary box set comes with a Blu-ray containing a wonderful multichannel mix from Steve Wilson.

  4. The atmos mixes sound so live. Geddy’s vocals have been moved up front.

  5. It’s simple: beat Iran and we advance. 🇺🇸

  6. Gotta take the bad with the good. Coaches need to learn and improve just like the players. I don’t understand all the Kittley hate from fans. He’s a part of our wins also

  7. I’m not a hater at all. Just acknowledging that some things he’s tried haven’t worked at all.

  8. And he’s going to continue to do so, as he learns and gets better, he’s only 31 years old not everything works 100%. Sometimes the defense makes a great play, sometimes the players mess up. The key is about consistency and how you look over time. If you focus so much on the bad plays Zach will call 10 great plays and then have one bad play and everyone will say “fire him.”

  9. Also a big thing to think about…. If we would have been able to beat Kansas State… we’d be playing in the Big 12 championship game next weekend

  10. I've watched a lot of Tech football over the years. In most eras, that's not a game we win.

  11. Lebby went to the Kittley school of too cute football.

  12. Plenty of reasons. One for me is our league structure doesnt have regulation and demotion which is a huge amount of the drama. Add to it that few of the good leagues play when I'm not sleeping or busy and it's just harder to get into a club and identify with it. MLS can be fun but unless you are in the city it's kinda meh and catching the games on TV is hard. In general Americans want to watch the best of the best so even MLS isnt that popular.

  13. We have regulation, just not promotion or relegation.

  14. Iowa has plenty of good craft breweries like Peace Tree, Big Grove, Toppling Goliath, Pulpit Rock, Singlespeed, Exile, Marto, Alluvial, and plenty of others I can’t think of off the top of my head. We know our way around the craft brews

  15. While the comment was in jest, it’s still sincere.

  16. No worries my friend. We just take our beer very seriously

  17. Never doubted that. Y’all drank San Antonio dry.

  18. Anything south of the Red River / Oklahoma border is not part of the Panhandle. Lubbock is not in it.

  19. State highway 86 runs from Hedley west through Quitique, Tulia, Dimmitt, and Bovina.

  20. And the Concho Valley isn’t big country.

  21. Echo is so underrated. Their popularity peaked when the Cure, Smiths/Morrisey, Depeche Mode, and New Order all dominated the radio play. I feel the same about Jesus and the Mary Chain. Great artists.

  22. I grew up with new wave being played in the house as a kid, especially as cleaning music.

  23. Perhaps, but I think it’d look better for Bedlam since both us and Texas have white pants and burnt orange is closer to crimson than bright orange is.

  24. Us vs OKST, one is required to wear all black, while the other is required to wear scarlet/orange, and we play it on the weekend closest to Halloween at night.

  25. The cannon is the trophy that UofI and Purdue play for. It is currently in Purdue’s possession.

  26. Yes, but it’s hard to pass up low hanging fruit.

  27. We’re gonna be ok up here because our stations have to be winterized.

  28. Extend that to 4/4. Don’t forget the 2022 history with Air Force. They kicked UTs ass 14-2, in the first regular season game. Texas had to plate two in the bottom of the ninth in the second game to eek out a 12-10 win. Then UT knocked Air Force out of the regional later in the year. I’m sure AF has that game circled on their schedule.

  29. So, what you’re saying is, for almost 3 weeks, the only emotional break that the team and/or fans get is a weekend series vs KST, which may or may not change depending on how the season goes…

  30. That one week stretch from 3/24-4/2 is gonna be fun and probably emotionally charged.

  31. Are we in the ‘teams are back multiverse’?

  32. That’s a straight up volleyball block.

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