1. I would recommend anything that was really popular during the height of cassettes, but sounds bad (off key, sharp, weird mix) on steaming. Digital music is really clinical sounding and often the later digital remasters "fixed" a lot of "faults" in the original tapes. But the original sound worked on analogue media, often specifically on tape.

  2. It probably has same mechanism as all new players. I noticed that the tolerances on the button latches are pretty bad and movement long, so that if the cassette isn't in perfect position the latches can't reach properly. Try percussive maintenance. Shake, rattel, hit on the sides until the cassette is in the position where buttons can engage. And get something better.

  3. Because they are bi and actively choose to only date people of opposite sex. Most people are bi to some extent. Most people are also capable of not pursuing relationships with people they disapprove somehow even if they found them attractive. The problem is, that they refuse to accept that some are strictly gay and only attracted to people of the same sex. Unlike bi, gay not engaging in relationships with same sex are left with no options.

  4. I had a similar problem with a new tape recently with fully furbished walkman. Checked the tape on and around where it happened and noticed there was a drop of something slightly sticky on the tape. Took a moist tissue and wiped it of and now it works fine. So check what the tape looks like.

  5. yeah i was gonna use aux. just wondering if the sound quality is good at least

  6. All Sony models had fairly good sound quality as new. How good the quality is now, depends on the individual player, and how well the components have survived (how much it has been used, the storage conditions etc). Sonys are usually serviceable if some components (belts usually) have perished.

  7. If you really want it to be portable, I would say refurbished Sony Walkman Professional. Not cheapest though. With decks you can gain more features with lower price (or higher quality recording) in exchange for bigger physical size. All proper tape recorders (non dictsphones) have line input/aux through which you can feed your digital source music. Almost all players have inbuilt headphone output, some also line out (all have one or other). Price, feature, size are always compromises and you need to decide what you actually want to pay for. Sony Walkman Professional is smallest you get good recording quality.

  8. Alright. I'm new to decks and I've seen what they look like, so I'm trying to avoid having to open them without knowing I can put them back together correctly

  9. There are refurbished decks also for sale. Also you car google any model you see for sale and see if there is service manual available online. Those old decks are made to be serviced, mostly by very basic tools. If deck works, but not well, it's usually just belts. If you have any older relatives, it's worth asking around if they have any old players or decks somewhere in storage.

  10. Puhut laadukkaammista, mutta mainitset Jack&Jonesin ja Dressmannin bokserit esimerkkinä. Ei nyt mennyt ihan oikein.

  11. Ostin miehelle yhdet, totesi että tuntuu kuin olisi uimahousut jalassa. Käyttää vain jos kaikki muut on pesussa.

  12. I would avoid anything that specifically advertise super easy digital to analogue recording (or vice versa). That's a bit like buying a car that advertises ability to break. All tape recorders will take audio in and provide audio out. If that is what they advertise as a "feature", how bad is the basic function? Audio digitalisation option in player does require a DAC built in the player, but those are usually really bad and you are better of buying something separete actually suitable for your needs.

  13. Sweden doesn't categorise based on race so it would be hard to determine the demographics based on American race categorisation, but since the largest foreign born group is Finns, I would be supriced if "non-whites" would be more than 20%. Sweden wasn't so active in colonisation as other countries so never had a historical large source of immigrants (voluntary or non voluntary) from warmer climates.

  14. Yah my only complaint is the minor motor noise, but it can't be heard when songs are actually playing so it's manageable. The rest of his complaints don't bother me. (Though if I had to change the belt at some point, I'd like to be able to get in there)

  15. They expect the battery to die before the belt gets old.

  16. If you did, you'd be disappointed. Every single Walkman-type player I've found in a thrift store has been broken in some way. Usually destroyed by battery leakage, broken from being dropped, a cracked ribbon cable making the buttons on the cassette door useless, etc.

  17. Good vintage basic players that have mostly just cosmetic wear and old belt are still quite plentyful, but they are mixed with the completely worn out which are also very plentiful. Most walkmans can be fixed to run, but not necessarily reliably or with good quality sound. At thrift shop or garage sale you can at least inspect the player visually. Most walkmans were in really careless daily use.

  18. They only have cosmetic differences. Their individual history and properties have more differences than anything related to the model.

  19. Any procedure that might be harmful to fetus requires a pregnancy test from anyone who theoretically could be pregnant (or a very strong waver). Simply because people lie and people delude themselves. Sex is something a lot of people aren't really honest about. "Didn't count, he pulled out", "Didn't count, it was just once", "Didn't count, I was drunk/high", "Didn't count she identifies as a woman", "Didn't count we mostly used condom", "Didn't count, it was wrong part of my cycle". "Could you be pregnant?" "No, I have a wife" "OK, so you are definitely not going to admit even if you did have sex with a man".

  20. Still not equivalent to boobs or butt. You are really bad at anatomy.

  21. How often you can see those in man that is dressed? Where do you people live where men walk around without pants or in really tight pants?

  22. Toisin sanoen ihmiset ostaa rajattomia liittymiä eikä sitten käytä nettiä, go figure. Itsellä kuluu mobiilidata kuussa 40-50 gigaa. Tulee vähän vähemmän laskua per giga vaikka liittymä onkin kallis yli 30e kuussa

  23. Koska data on Suomessa niin halpaa, niin sitä myös vapaasti jaetaan kaikkialla ja yhteyksiä on monta. Aika monella on sekä rajaton mobiilinetti, että wifi kotona jostain "langasta". Kotona etätyössä sitä mobiilinettiä ei niin kulu, mutta sinä viikona kun keksii työt tehdä mökillä, rajat saattaisi iskeä nopeasti vastaan. Käyttääkö rajallisesta netistäkään maksavat joka kuukausi koko kiintiötään?

  24. Did you replace all 3 belts? And clean the residue left? The belt for counter doesn't matter to play, but if it is sticking somewhere that isn't going to help. The path looks right based on service manual.

  25. Thanks for linking the manual - I hadn’t found this when I looking for a tear down.

  26. Replace all while you have it open. They are all the same age. I don't see the counter belt at all in your picture, so do check that it isn't somewhere in pieces or as goo. The residue can hide and cause problems.

  27. Let us know if they have done anything about the known sound quality problems of the typical portable, or did they just throw ton of money on design. The price is high enough that they could have put some money in motor and quality control, but they only talk about design on their page.

  28. Will do. I'm totally curious as to the actual quality level of the guts, since -as you say- they emphasize the outside. With two + years to tweak things I'm hoping they go for quality all round.

  29. Dolby doesn't licence their noise reduction anymore. If the patent is expired it could be implemented without the name. It would still require a switch though. Megabass is Sony trademark, again same effect could be done under other name (x-bass, x-bbs and superbass are old equivalents). If it at least checks for recording tabs on cassettes, it's apparently improvement to Recording the Masters version.

  30. Yeah I wouldn't plan on walking around listening to cassette tapes, so a deck would be good or maybe a boombox if I spot one. Thank you!

  31. What ever you get, check the connections. Some decks can manage without an amp, with headphone connection and speaker outputs. If it only has line out, you can make it work with active speakers. Always try using what you already have. Some bt speakers also have line in/aux option and that can be used as a active speaker. You can always add stuff to improve the sound as you go when you have more money and space.

  32. Gears aren't made of rubber. That'd be certifiably insane. You're talking about plastic gears turning brittle over time, yeah?

  33. They are some type of rubbery compound. Definitely not plastic. Possibly some silicony thing, but not plastic.

  34. Are you talking about the idler tire? Again, no one made anything with teeth out of silicon or rubber. Gears = plastic or metal

  35. It's a boombox. They absolutely are gears (has teeth, engages with the plastic gears) and is made of soft rubbery (like hard rubber, but still softer than plastic) material. I assume it was done to reduce vibration from carrying. It is the weakness of the model, but replacements are made. I have seen rubber gears in other places used as well (toys, adjustment screws on vibrating objects etc). They wear out, aren't as precise, but handle vibrations and moving better. It isn't unheard of.

  36. Probably. I’m Canadian and have never used decilitres but I’ve seen some products labeled with them from elsewhere.

  37. Decilitre is common in Finland. I think in Skandinavia too. Our measuring cups are mostly from IKEA after all.

  38. "things like hospitality" dear god, they think way too high of themselves, almost the whole world has more hospitality than the USA, I don't even think he knows what that word means given the context of the whole comment

  39. Oh, I believe they have had bad experiences in hospitality abroad. Tipping culture has skewed a lot of American hospitality. Some Americans are extremely rude to service workers, so I can completely believe that they asked for services in a way that made people refuse or they asked for something that was illegal or impossible in the country.

  40. Money can remove problems that make you unhappy upto a certain point. After another point it can start to generate new problems that again makes you unhappy. There are also sources of unhappiness that money can't remove. Money can't buy you happiness, but it can pay the bills why you pursuit happiness.

  41. Maybe, but the real reason why BSB is the superior boy band is that they had ballads that didn't suck.

  42. BSB had more versatility. They could sell both ballads and party songs. I'm European and a bit older so Take That and East 17 were my bands, but unlike BSB, *nsync couldn't really sell any of their ballads here. Pretty much every boyband in Europe at the time was making better ballads than *nsync.

  43. The need for de-magnetisation is heavily argued, so I would say it isn't strictly necessary. If you get an easy chance to de-magnetise, go for it but if you don't notice any problems, don't worry about it. If there was an obvious benefit always, there wouldn't be any argument about it.

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