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  1. If you think that’s far you should take a look at some of the farthest disc golfers’ average throws. 400 feet plus is common.

  2. 400ft is 1.33 (repeating of course) football fields length.

  3. Levels don’t go up but I go through it often with an Amulet Coin holder to replenish my cash to buy vitamins lol

  4. Which is also a gripe I have. Make the tournament have level caps so that by the third battle your (at the beginning same leveled) pokemon aren’t over leveled. Or so after winning one or two of my pokemon become way too OP to use again.

  5. he drove a Benz to high school and no one thought he would take it for granted and become a piece of shit? i find that combination hard to believe

  6. Chris is a total POS, but car alone doesn’t mean much.

  7. Actually seeing a good use case for the keyboard knobs is so perfect.

  8. How do you know the color is called mint if you don't know the model?

  9. Good question. Without the context, all i saw from the photo was the caption “Loving my new headphones, their color is Mint, goes with everything”

  10. When isn't it? QP has been unplayable for me since launch because it's either teams of brain dead troglodyte mouth breathers or 5stacks of OWL pro wannabes. I find more consistant gameplay in competitive even when I want to relax.

  11. “Everyone is either a both if I win, or total Pro’s if I lose”

  12. I think they were thinking of “Elsagate” which used similar naming for a different but more relevant reason

  13. Here’s an update for you bastards. I went back to the grand bazar and ended up being there from 10am to 5pm. No food for the entire day only cigarettes, shisha, and tea. I chatted with a young guy in a random watch show room reserved for tourists for 20 minutes, and then he brought me to his other showroom in the bazar a 5 minute walk away. After great deliberation and chatting about watches, he brought me to another showroom. The quality of watches greatly increased as we went to different showrooms in more clandestine locations. I was taken to the final showroom, where I met a man named the professor, who is a vintage watch collector and seller of reps and fakes. In this showroom there were no watches, only green chairs and a table. They brought out 2 briefcases, one with rolexes and one with pateks and APs. The quality was great, but not good enough. After chatting for an hour about watches with the professor, he whistled and someone passed another briefcase through the window with quality of that of PPF for this particular nautilus. I haggled the price down to $250. Overall, happy with this shitter.

  14. Same story here when I went a few years back! They escort you to the special showroom with the good shit, and then they bring you to the special showroom for “top quality” stuff.

  15. GUSD is a stablecoin that’s pegged to the US Dollar though. More like Coinbase’s USDC. Not like FTX’s FTT or’s CRO. Completely different category of coin.

  16. Agreed. I was reading this more as asking if “any other exchanges have their own specific coin” not necessarily directly comparable to what FTX was doing.

  17. Whats the panel behind the desk called/from?

  18. I know this is pasta but this was made to as satire because there are people like this out there

  19. You wanna see something really sickening? The people who reply to this Twitter thread

  20. Ive seen this before on instagram ads. It may not be the one OP has, but I just searched “Gameboy teardown framed” and found

  21. Looks like they are getting just that

  22. That's every type of person like this. Jordan Peterson says a lot of words that sound really deep and meaningful until you start thinking about what he just spewed. It's all nonsensical word salad and/or based on obsolete, dubious or retracted studies.

  23. "Hustle porn" is the perfect description for this.

  24. I always liked to use “Motivation Masturbation” as the genre for all the Gary Vee like business guys out there.

  25. That’s not a bug, it’s a feature. It alerts you that your neck is too weak to support your head in a collision and you should probably work out.

  26. The later start looking like a sick freak and do it with weight. I like to balance a 25lb plate on my forehead and curl that with neck muscles.

  27. You should try and get a picture of the backs, the ones I got had some pretty bad lettering on them but was best I could find

  28. I can now agree to this since they butchered Total Mayhem with just one hero. TM is seriously unplayable currently with Zarya

  29. Was going to say exact same. TM was one of the only games I played in OW1, now none at all.

  30. I am a hobbyist as well, I workout 3 to 5 times a week with weights then do bjj 3/4 days a week (overlapping some days). I would consider myself a pretty muscular guy for natty standards, nothing crazy, but In considerably good shape.

  31. Yeah this is what I did when I wrestled, you get really sore and tired for a good week or two then your body gets used to the demand and your stamina increases

  32. Fun as hell once it finally pays off too. Being able to go round after round with pure stamina and strength 😈

  33. If my boss saw my per36 right now, I'd be in the same position as Demarcus Cousins

  34. Basically, if a player played 36 minutes what would their numbers be.

  35. Holy shit. Just looked them up. 1200 bucks! Can someone educate the ignorant and tell me why they are so much? What makes them so much better than some Bose headphones that cost 400. Thanks

  36. $58 leather pants that you can Afterpay is fucking nuts.

  37. Not for OPs case, but AfterPay, in general, is so predatory, its for people to buy things they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people who don't care.

  38. I had a 49" Samsung Odyssey G9 but it was way wider than the TV and I wound up having to move my head back and forth so much that I returned it.

  39. How close were you sitting? I have the same one and find the “1000R curve” (gimmicky sounding lol) actually very comfortable for ease of viewing.

  40. I was probably sitting a bit further away than I am right now with the C1 because of how forward the edges got with the curve.

  41. Wow interesting. I have heard some pretty wild variations in user experiences with it.

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