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  1. Alaska somehow lost 11 billion crabs and I don’t know if they found them

  2. Effigy of the spider is an amazing metal band name

  3. I mean bread is good and all but wtf

  4. And of course it’s from Australia.

  5. I can't wait for this honestly. Seems like a take on the sort of PS2/Xbox era shooters like Darkwatch. I dunno if it's the pacing or what, but something about the gameplay makes me think of retro FPS. Aside from the perspective being different, of course lol

  6. I remember Darkwatch, it reminds me of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, both of which are batshit insanely cool. Pun intended

  7. Wasn’t there a big name creature design guy they got to design the malefactors, was it the guy who worked on Aliens?

  8. It looks like something from an alien planet and yet it’s a normal thing in ours.

  9. Looks weird, Leon tops Chris in Speed/Agility but Chris tops Leon in Strength/Power

  10. Re 6 had cool scenes with Chris and Leon but it’s Re 6

  11. I’m still pissed about all their other franchises they fuckin abandoned but I will praise them for trying to bring silent hill back, but I’m gonna wait until the stuff releases to form an opinion on whether or not they have improved as a company, but I doubt to many this will be enough for all the years of neglect.

  12. It’s the end of our self loathing

  13. I have my issues with the game but I like it. It’s not the best Fallout, but the fact that it’s multiplayer and you can play with your friends is so captivating to me, I really want the next Fallout game to take advantage of the multiplayer system. I want a Fallout game that has both single player and multiplayer options.

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