1. Totally fine if you follow the backpacker route, stay in affordable hostels and eat in cheap street restaurants or food courts.

  2. KSR, but not the main drag, go to the area beyond it near the river (Rambutri/Phra Athit) allt he way. Sukhumvit is chockablock with traffic and pollution. Also the preferred area for sexypats. Easy access to river boats at KSR, but no subway. Taxis are cheap though, or use an app like Bolt or Grab.

  3. Low production cost? Lol you have zero idea what you are talking about. Do you know the lab fee for the prosthesis? The manufacturer cost of the implants?

  4. Depends on your ability to withstand a heat wave. Temps can go up to 40 degrees Celsius.

  5. Do you know the cause of this bad air quality ? Happening a lot in Lao cities.

  6. Mostly farmers burning the stubble on their fields. Also some slash and burn, and people burning the forest floor to hunt for mushrooms or wild animals. In Vientiane also smoke from Thailand depending on the wind. All well-known to the authorities, but little or no action is ever taken. Same goes for Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

  7. Thank you for your detailled answer, appreciate

  8. if they really wanted to ban it they should just have done so without giving a silly reason like it's a liquid.

  9. If you love them so much, maybe let them be and leave them in peace? Feeding and bathing elephants in captivity is not that ethical if you ask me.

  10. The article is behind the paywall but I can only hope he doesn't say that the invisible Man in The Sky helps his chess skills.

  11. Play as fast or slowly as you want but waiting for example 5 minutes before making your opening moves is simply not done. You might be reported to stalling. You can also turn off chat if you don't want comments.

  12. You can indeed do that but it might be safer to come in on a tourist visa as that gives you more time to obtain the extension of stay and the work permit. Note that technically it is not a work visa but it a permit linked to an extension of your non-immigrant b visa.

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