I Don't Give A Sh*t About Ukraine

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  1. Super cool. I wish one day we will have vr multiplayer shooter with destructable enviroment.

  2. As an actual helicopter pilot- looking forward some less arcadey and more realistic stuff 🙂

  3. pretty counter-intuitive that worn brakes make this noise when they're not supposed to be doing anything or making noise imo. would make way more sense if it made the horrible noise while the car was stopping.

  4. Jammed slide pins will do exactly that. Hydraulics will compress brakes and slide pins but will not release pressure when you release brake pedal. This will cause fast wear of brake pads and then metal part of brake pads grinding on rotor even when pedal not pressed.

  5. Contractors is leaps beyond both these games.

  6. I wish there was a proper simulator, not these arcadey stuff

  7. This is not a parachute. This is a paraglider. 2 different things.

  8. I'm pretty sure it's an AS350. They call it a "jack stall" or servo transparency and it can happen when the hydraulics are overloaded. It typically pushes the cyclic hard right like this video shows. With that said, I don't know what happened here. Others have speculated about a cable strike.

  9. Jack stall/servo transparency is not so rapid. And you need a lot of speed to get servo transperency. Heli in the video seemed to fly at low speed so i dont think it is the case.

  10. It looks like it is flying directly towards the camera. Hard to tell the speed with that perspective. It could be going full tilt.

  11. I dont think so (ofcourse it is possible i am wrong). If he was going at servo transparency speeds (120-140kt) then the pitch down attitude would increased the speed even further. Yet when he recovers and turns so camera can see different angle- he seems to be at low speed. There was no way he bled 80-100 knots just by quick nose up.

  12. “I dont give a shi*t about Poland” said a guy living in Alabama in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Yet he was sent to die 5 years later in Normandy. Possible scenario, dont you think?

  13. Started happening to me too. Need to restart. Super annoying.

  14. honest question, I see a lot of solar/weather faces, what's the point? I just look in the sky if I want to know how is the weather? Is it just based on the aesthetics of the face? Or you guys need to know the forecast for some reason (professional, sport, hobby...)? Not trying to be a dick but just to understand

  15. At quick glimpse you can see how much daylight you have left and when you will have the end of Civil Twilight. For me it is useful as a pilot. Furthermore you see when is solar noon and if you are in vert hot climate it is the time to look for a shade cause sun will be the hottest.

  16. To anyone reading these posts- dont be swayed. These people dont know shit, wether its bullish or bearish post.

  17. I mean it looks like well done VR game with a lot of resources poured into it and good animations…

  18. While I agree with you, most vr titles are small dev teams and it takes a while to make a bigger game without burnout and mental destruction, we all want a vr hl2 or something that will be big and break the wall to get AAA games in vr.

  19. Wasnt “Into the radius” made by small dev team?

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