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  1. Why’s there a refrigerator in here?

  2. As someone who works the front desk of a hotel I can confirm this is a common occurrence

  3. DM me, drive north a little over an hour assuming you are in Madison or Milwaukee, and I will introduce you to the people who eat it up,

  4. I'm in La Crosse. Still a decently sized town. We have the rednecks too

  5. I too am a night auditor happens all the time People leave their room without a key ,dumb to start with , then when you want to see id they have a fit. I think we should just start letting whoever in whatever room Then when there is a stanger in their room when they get back oh well ,they said they were on that room so I gave them a key! Smh.

  6. Yeah honestly it's annoying a lot of the time, but this lady was just out of line. I didn't put this in, but she seemed baffled by my explanation as to why we have that ID check policy in the first place.

  7. cool glass.And I see youre a person of class as well and leave beer cans laying around

  8. i was saying we both have class, I leave mine around as well

  9. I love it. One of my fave Trek novels of all time.

  10. Oh nice glad to hear. BTW, at the very end, I assume it's implied Rugal met up with Pen on Cardassia?

  11. Like...the resort or the lost city that belongs to myth and legend? JK we probably will go visit there as well.

  12. A week isn’t much time so to be useful we really need to know the island. Every island has its own special spice.

  13. Ah good. Nice to know the Empire's bravest are protecting citizen property from the terrorist rebels.

  14. Germany: does anything at all The world: Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler

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