Louisiana hospital denies abortion for fetus without a skull

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  1. And that's why these places don't work. How anyone thinks basically imprisoning you is conducive to improving your mental state is beyond me.

  2. the only thing inpatient was good for for me was getting me back on my meds

  3. In my state the quality of candidates even for positions they have won in the past has gone down drastically. My partner actually whimpered when he read the voter pamphlet. It's really, really, really bad. We used to have Goodspaceguy and it was a laugh. Now most of the conservative candidates sound like Goodspaceguy and the socialists.

  4. Lol I have been in the same situation, as a military wife. And we just moved this summer so I’m currently not working until next month when my new job starts and I’ve also said fuck it to doing his laundry because I have a hard enough time keeping up with all other chores being the one not working right now… it should be easier but whatever, adhd right? I haven’t done his laundry though in the last couple months and tbh he still sucks at doing it himself but he washes it and ends up leaving his clean clothes just in a big pile instead of putting them away but he hasn’t complained about me not doing it either so I’m just leaving it alone lol. I just decided not to care anymore and if he wants it put away he can do it and if not then let it sit there 🤷‍♀️ less stressful to just let it be. Although I told him he’s gonna have to clean a lot more when I start working but I’m truly worried about how that’s gonna go cause he doesn’t like cleaning.

  5. Ugh, this is so true. My husband and I are both ADHD and I’m constantly picking up the slack on things and anxious about everything and he’s able to relax and not be stressed about all the undone responsibilities piling up. This is spot on the nose.

  6. 23F here, I'm on a waitlist at my college's counseling program for an assessment. They don't take insurance as it's mainly soon-to-be licensed psychologists, which insurances generally do not cover. The cost will be $250.

  7. your psychologists have to practice under a licensed psychologist who might be covered by your insurance. worth a shot

  8. Regardless of whether the psychologist is licensed or not, the price is the same and they still don't take insurance.

  9. the op said insurance generally doesn't cover unlicensed people but they have to work under someone with a license so it might still be covered. also, out of network coverage exists

  10. just because lots of men have hurt people doesnt mean all will and doesnt mean you will. i suggest finding a good therapist if you can to uncover why you are drawn to these subreddits. try to be a good person and call others out when they are being bad people.

  11. Thank you for your comment. I should’ve mentioned I’m not exactly as old as many other people on here, but I will definitely try my best to.. be my best haha

  12. thanks, it's actually really awkward in terms of empathy for sexual assault cause to me it's just a thing that is guaranteed to happen a lot if you try to date or meet people. like sexual assault is just the price of admission if you want to try to date. I'm for sure going to talk to a therapist about this soon. feels weird

  13. i try to only watch marginalized comedians. i prefer prefer multiply marginalized comedians

  14. I don’t attend cal poly and this was on my recommended feed for some reason, but dam I definitely feel for Professor Ramezani and the students that unfortunately got caught up in this mess. I honestly expected better from the higher up’s decision making for cal poly. This Professor Ramezani sounds like a really good and honest professor that I wouldn’t mind ever taking.

  15. post this on the cal poly parents page. they get pretty ragey. Also maybe hit up some alumni on linkedin or a cal poly business alumni page? parents and alumni have more wait than students in terms of admin giving a fuck.

  16. to keep it in place, easiest and most budget friendly way to start out packing is to DIY with a sock and a pin.

  17. I expected the underwater part to be about great kissing and dumptruck asses

  18. Something bothers me about you saying "people above me". Can you explain? I don't think anyone is "above" anyone else.

  19. like my boss or a professor. people in positions of authority over me. i don't think they are better than me

  20. Okay... That's good. Sorry if I was rude or overstepped - I just hate the idea that someone would think themselves less.

  21. The first therapist I mentioned the idea of me having autism to said that I can't be autistic because I was able to answer questions (apparently all autistics are nonverbal according to her??) and that I have varied interests rather than a single special interest.

  22. This is torture!! The mother wants a baby, one that will live, this one will not. To force her to carry a fetus doomed to die, is just plain cruel.

  23. not commited as in sent to jail. i mean committed to a psych hospital for my mental health because the idea of having to carry a baby that is essentially dead to term would make me very very upset

  24. I flew somewhere for work last minute and because I didn't want to waste my day off on traveling and jet lag, I took a red eye home that evening. Normally we get per diem but since it was a one day trip with no hotel stay, company policy says no per diem. Fine, I'm guessing this usually just applies to people driving short distances. So for per diem, you pay for everything yourself and get a bonus in your paycheck. I went to lunch that day with my customers and talked business so I charged lunch to my company card that is normally only for lodging and transportation since the per diem covers food. It's not like I realistically could have packed lunch for a cross country trip. I didn't even charge them for dinner since it was just fast food. Lunch expense gets denied. I complain and even get my manager to vouch for me who told me to charge the lunch. It goes back and forth long enough for interest to apply to the travel expenses on the card. We eventually get a fucking director involved who finally approves the $20 lunch bill. Next time I'm staying a hotel and getting my damn per diem, it will end up costing the company way more money but at least we won't be arguing over pennies.

  25. These were not. Probably would have been marginally better if they were.

  26. So I'm not asking for advice but I would be more than happy to give advice for those who want it.

  27. All the friends have been traveling all summer to attend other weddings (including other destination weddings) and trips abroad. We're not in the phase of grief right now where we are incapacitated from life. That lasted about 6 months. The friends have been checking up on each other a lot as we've grieved & talked about how we've been impacted personally, so they've shared where they're at and so have I. Basically been going through similar phases and cycles.

  28. have yall hung out since? because maybe it's too hard to hang out as a group with one person missing. that might be why it was ok for them to do other travel and other weddings because the friend wouldn't have attended those things with them so they didn't miss your friend but your friend for sure would have been at your wedding so maybe it's bringing stuff up.

  29. wanna go axe throwing with my gf at gladiators some weekend? it's 40 dollars a land so if you bring one person is 10 dollars each or if you just bring yourself is like 13.33 a person. message me. i also like playing catch and need an excuse to buy a new glove

  30. Your Mom is a creep.. I'm sorry to have to say that, no one wants to know their parent is a creep, but your mom is a creep.

  31. for the why it's racist question, there's an arc that loosely involves every nation and the only reason I found it loosely tolerable is because everyone (including the Chinese) was depicted as shallow cartoony villains, it was kinda like everyone was -10 and the Chinese were -9.

  32. how many mcs are there? i didn't mind the number of other people perspectives in the restaurant cn because the focus was still on the one mc of there is actually more than one main character i trend to get frustrated. thanks again for answering my questions

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