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  1. Exactly. If Judas doesn't turn him in, God is not all-powerful. Judas did him a solid.

  2. I hate to sound like a freak, but if that is how you guys comprehend Christianity, you're completely missing the entire point. Please at least say you'll study the topic more deeply; this approach will never work, and you'll likely struggle with other important questions if you don't understand this one.

  3. I would actually agree with that. God (the big guy) made Judas to turn Jesus in, it was a total set up. He literally couldn't have done anything else but turn him in.

  4. You know this because God told you so himself? I hope you got that on tape, because (among the many charismatics who claim they speak to God), no one has ever once captured that. Weird, right?

  5. I want to watch every minute of the movie that image produces. In fact, I'm watching it now in my head. Never was this sub's rule #1 more gloriously fulfilled. #s 2 - 6 are great, too, but number one, wow. Thank you.

  6. Especially since that cellphone's been in your pocket 24/7 for the last several months.

  7. So is that responsible for those little feelings of joy or the unsettling tingles on the back of your neck?

  8. And I swear that was Jenna Jameson's breath on the back of my neck. Yes, she's 48, but hey, I'm no spring chicken. Besides, stop thinking dirty thoughts, weirdos. We're friends, get it?

  9. Depending where you are you can still get some nice geel vet biltong from another ex pat somewhere.

  10. As an American who doesn't know the beer scene in Oz, I'm really glad to hear you don't like Foster's. Now that I know there's something better waiting for us, we'll book a visit.

  11. Given that "sleeping with" is a vague term, she could have just had a really big mattress and took a nap with all of them.

  12. I hugely prefer your take on this. The other interpretation is profoundly disturbing, on many levels.

  13. My vote is for new dial design 1, in picture 2.

  14. You should be very, very thoughtful and kind with your grandpa, whether he's a jerk or not. Then again, McIntosh owners are some of the best people I've ever known, so it'll be easy to be nice.

  15. Your last sentence is the only one worth looking into. All the rest is 21st century psychobabble. Not to be unkind, but did you give serious thought to your idea that nearly all civilized males hated women? Hated their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives? Seriously? You need to look much more deeply for your answers ... they won't be found in absurd speculation.

  16. They're all stunning, and they're all in beautiful condition. Rarities on top of rarities in that photo!

  17. Can confirm as a dieffenbachia owner that you've got yourself a dieffenbachia. I did think mine was quite leggy but this makes mine look small. 😂

  18. Dieffenbachia is also known as "dumbcane". Supposedly, couriers in their native land (the Amazon?) were made to chew on the stalk, which would make their throats swell and render them "dumb" so that the secrets they carried couldn't be spilled until they reached their destination and the painful swelling subsided. So ... beware the dumbcane; it smarts.

  19. My mom told me the same thing about Jesus Christ. Trump has become your Jesus, Republicans. Don't you understand how foul that is?

  20. Y'know, I think I'm still too private (or closeted, if that's better) to want to mix my sex life with my day-to-day. I don't want to see my colleagues naked; I need to work/study/whatever with these people, and sex isn't part of that.

  21. All four of them are better than that hideous thing that came from Swatch. Those stock straps look as fashionable and comfortable as Jennifer Beals' leggings in Flashdance. Personally, I like the third piece with the olive drab strap, but they're all great.

  22. No, but my perception is that other people will take note, regardless of whether they actually do or not. I mean if I saw a dude with a huge one or a small one id probably notice, despite not trying to.

  23. Who gives a flying f*** if someone I've never met and will never see again sees my penis, or any of the many time-inflected badges of my 65 years? You're no porn star, but neither am I. On the other hand, that's not what we're here for, right?

  24. Such a hauntingly beautiful photo. Are you a real person, or did I dream that?

  25. Licking a toad can cause a lot of salivating but your dog should be fine. I’m saying this because my dog used to scratch at my door to be let out and she’d go walk around the yard (we had an acre of land that she could just roam) just to lick toads… idk why. But she was fine lol

  26. Toad-licking is not new, at least not here in Arkansas. As a matter of fact, my mom is a native daughter of Toad Suck, Arkansas, northwest of Little Rock, where I believe the practice continues apace.

  27. We live in a tragic and worsening kebab desert. The Middle eastern, Persian, Pakistani, and Afghan food scene in northern Colorado is a huge blank spot on the local culinary map. Please - if anyone from those places would open a kebab house locally, I will bus your tables and wash your dishes for free. Please come to Fort Collins!

  28. A FC history channel is a great idea. If you need anyone to do background research, storyboarding, and / or script writing, I'd be happy to help. I'm retired and am interested in exactly this sort of thing. I also have a couple of friends who work with Avery House and the FC historical archives; I'm hopeful they'll want to help.

  29. Sonos knows what Christmas sales mean at a time like this. First quarter FY23 starts 1 October.

  30. It's beautiful. The lugs are fantastic, and I hope you continue those lovely curves as you sweep them downwards to conform to the wearer. One suggestion, though: those very sharp crests on the lugs as drawn will be impossible in daily wear - they'll snag on the pocket of my jeans, the cuffs of my dress shirts, and ... well, let's just take that off before bed. We don't want to hurt anyone, do we?

  31. It breaks my heart that you think those three things are what define you. You are a beautiful human being and there are many people who'll show you that as you go.

  32. With shade and water, I doubt most dogs mind this weather. I certainly don't mind it, although cold beer may put its thumb on that scale in my case. Which brings this to mind: do dogs like cold beer? And how do they respond to it?

  33. Same! I’m a geology student and that was my literal first thought when I saw this picture.

  34. That probably won't happen in South central Texas. The limestone is relatively dry and hard; chunks from that area can look like Swiss cheese, but still be rigid and fairly hard to drill. Source: Summertime posthole digger.

  35. I had my first real kiss in the infield at Silverstone. The third lamp spells "young love" to me.

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