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  1. Always wondered what the conk shell was for … I find tons of those.

  2. either cow or horse jawbone. can you take a pic of the teeth?

  3. Yeah it sucked but now I pick up all pottery pieces hoping to find a crazy design, face, or animal. I’ve seen people post pottery with some crazy stuff on it.

  4. I've never found any native artifacts but I got a bunch of fossils so, Florida will provide I guess

  5. Look for High elevation, water, erosion and shell packed in the erosion. Pulled pottery out of erosion and have found arrowheads and tools on the beach good luck!

  6. I was thought maybe a broken blade it’s really sharp still

  7. We were just talking about starting to feed the crows

  8. Congratulations you found a spot to look for points! Hope you find an axe!

  9. I think it was a combination of it looking like a dead leaf and it being recorded at 1080p lol Awsome find btw

  10. I’d definitely buy this picture framed by o put in my house

  11. Feel like I saw a piece of pottery in that shot

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