1. I know!!! And it makes me so angry every time thinking about it. Don’t want to be political here but the lawmakers clearly do not have the average people’s interest at heart on this matter. I moved to this country 10 years ago. I like so many aspects of it but the protection to new parents is so limited that it is almost pathetic. When my mom had me she was able to take off six months to take care of me. I was lucky enough to get 12 weeks paid leave but still felt not enough at all. I really wish they could change all this as soon as possible. So many families suffer because of it. So sorry you are going through this. Hang in there! And in the mean time maybe focus on the good things. At least no need for daycare for now and think about when you come back from work, how happy your LO will be to see you again!

  2. And it’s definitely moving in the wrong direction. More likely to get less time than more now…

  3. Yeah when the opponent uses your right back as a pressing trap as he’s not comfortable on the ball you know he’s not good enough sadly

  4. You can actually order little birthday party sets from Amazon. I usually get them every year then get up an hour or two early and set it all up. Set all birthdays up on your phone calendar. I would forget every single year without that

  5. I usually only play bundesliga and this brings me joy🤣🤣. This is real petty but I would rather sell a player half the price than sell to Bayern

  6. He’s definitely much more useful than ighalo. Also we have a real coach now so any players that we sign you can pretty much guarantee they will improve.

  7. Yes it’s so infuriating. They also seems to be very unhelpful grandparents too 🤐

  8. Damn. He’s my favourite player if you get him early and get the playmaking stats up.

  9. You're the first person that I'm going to follow here haha

  10. This happens to me all the time too haha. It’s ridiculous. I usually just research for a new tv show, game and something that involves exercise. Then the process starts again in a few months lol. I have hated running my whole life but about two weeks ago started doing runs at the park at lunch. Now I’m obsessed. Makes no sense!!!

  11. https://www.fmscout.com/q-23796-FM-on-Steam-Deck-here-is-how-to-add-graphics.html

  12. I’ve had a look on YouTube but I can’t seem to find the same pathway.

  13. Tbh sharing little with the motherseries of Netflix sounds like a very good thing.

  14. Try a different playing style. If you use a gegenpressing tactic with an advanced forward it’s pretty much playing the game on easy mode.

  15. International football is a much lower level than the top club leagues. The slower pace suits his style as he has the turning circle of a double decker bus. “Exceptional” is a ridiculous statement. He did ok and won a few headers. I mean, the guy should be winning every single header he goes for. He’s massive.

  16. No runner from midfield. Try get a box to box or mezzala in there. I’d change the striker to be more of a build up striker if you have one, either false nine, or dlf. If you don’t want to change the striker, change the inside forward to support.

  17. Don’t know about everyone else but I haven’t been able to to enjoy using work ball into box. Players will refuse to todo a five yard cross to an open man with a tap in just cause it’s ticked.

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