1. I don’t play dizzy but u should hop in the discord server, ull find good advice there

  2. If u think the downside of a motion input becomes non existent at high levels of play idk what to tell u…

  3. U should enter the discord for tips and to find begginer matches if u want 🤩

  4. I want her so badly but honestly I don’t think we’re gonna get her at all

  5. IIRC, it was never officially named society, we just didn't had the name.


  7. Maybe depending on the title it might be u just not being used to the speed.

  8. I dont play strive but i like fighting millia in the older games cause seeing her lose +80% for a mistake just makes my monkey brain go brrrrrrr

  9. You can play online team mode by enabling the legacy version on the betas menu in steam, have fun /^_^

  10. It does but it’s a less stable version and iirc it has less QoL stuff

  11. ive played +400 hours of +R, like +90 of rev 2 and like 80 hours of strive and +R is hands down my favourite...

  12. They are pretty different games but xrd buffer is pretty generous, don’t fall into the “old gg is impossible to get into” trap, u should give it a try

  13. I was blown away by how comprehensive Strives tutorials were. A lot of the other games I've tried just kinda throw you in there without taking too much time to explain all the mechanics

  14. the good thing about it is that also pretty much apply to +R execpt for a couple things, so it can be usefull if u want to try that game too

  15. iirc the motion input buffer in +R is 8 frames, i have no clue about xrd or strive, every time i ask people think that im asking for the actual button press buffer so i have no clue xD

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