1. So in March 2022, I sold my gladiator. I then purchased a Raptor, with instant regret. As of last weekend, I traded my raptor in and got a gladiator 10 times better than my last. I know exactly how you feel and it pains me to tell you it doesn’t go away till you get back into one.

  2. Jeez. Raptors are sweet too. That says alot about the gladiators. Which trim gladiator did you go with?

  3. I sent you a PM with a photo. It’s a Rubicon 2020

  4. I definitely need a mod like this! I miss them every time there is one posted

  5. Idk how it’s possible for someone to find a HIDDEN BASEMENT behind a wall panel and then find boxes in said basement and not open EVERY SINGLE ONE of those boxes…

  6. This is what I came here for lol. Work fuck it. Wedding she can wait two more days. Plans, pizza and beer fuck those plans lol

  7. Thanks, I work at home so it’s easy to remember times I go places.

  8. So this is what a Midwest Walmart looks like!

  9. Looks like the light bar is turned on.

  10. It is on, I just installed it a few minutes before this pic. I wanted to see what it looked like.

  11. Bet it would look better if it had a lift and tires, I have seen some many jeeps that don't look good, then left and tires and the look improves ten fold. Jeeps we're built with lift and tires in mind if you ask me though.

  12. I have a shell and it doesn’t look bad

  13. I don't know if you read the comment that your responding to because yours does look good, partly due to the lift and tires! Nice rig!

  14. Yeah just to have it at the top. I agree with you comment!

  15. I’m surprised he wasn’t hit by that dump truck!

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