1. To be honest I think there are better ways to feel closer to each other. Sharing location for safety reasons doesn’t make sense at such a huge distance. It may not be intended to be controlling but having being on the receiving end of this request before myself, I know it can feel like someone is keeping tabs on you and it’s too intrusive. When you have an open and honest relationship, your other half will openly tell you about their day and what they did etc and you tell them too. It’s up to you what you share and don’t share and that’s not due to having anything to hide it’s just normal boundaries. With my LDR bf (now fiancé) he used to want me to let him know when I arrived home from work especially in the winter when it got dark early. I remember there were times when I’d forget to text and he got upset and I interpreted this as being controlled. It wasn’t, it was just that due to a last relationship where I was asked to share my location and was definitely subjected to very controlling behaviour, I was sensitive about my space and privacy. Eventually I came to see that my fiancé just cares and wants to know that I’m ok. There’s nothing sinister or weird about his intentions. So maybe just communicate that you want to feel closer to your bf and together think of ways to strengthen your connection despite the distance between you, in a way that respects both of your boundaries and helps you both to know that one another cares and is thinking of each other. No need for location sharing at all.

  2. I’m sure it probably is a Jewish name or has Jewish roots and that’s why it hit a nerve so much otherwise she wouldn’t be so bothered.

  3. No, I actually love it. I have had that ick feeling in the past with other people and I can say the ick is when you don’t love them and there’s a repulsion when they use the nickname and you can’t bring yourself to say the same or similar back to them

  4. When I’m sitting in the same room as my parents for example yes. Or someone who that would just be cringey around and it would make the atmosphere awkward. If I’m with my bf even then it can be a bit awkward if there’s a full on sex scene. Kissing is fine, it’s if a sex scene goes on for ages that it gets awkward tbh. A quick scene or implied sex where you don’t see anything isn’t awkward, it’s a relief when the scene changes

  5. I wonder where you found this info from and if it was a reliable source and not just gossip from someone who wants to ruin her reputation for whatever reason but if it is true then obviously you have to be grateful you’ve only known her 2 months and not 2 years. It’s early days so you’ve had a lucky escape and didn’t get drawn in too much. Sounds like she’s very charming which is typical and the amazing first impression you got was intentional because she’s dishonest and disloyal and would cheat on you eventually too but of course she has to come across in a certain way to lure you in. Just be grateful you had a lucky escape and tell her what you know, she will deny it I’m sure and she may even act really offended and get annoyed or angry or even cry. Be careful.

  6. I really do hope you find all of that but I don’t think posting here on Reddit like that is the way, maybe try online dating and meet people who are specifically looking to date and meet someone. It’s interesting you’re seeking an LDR rather than naturally falling in love with someone who just happens to live abroad or in another part of your country and then making an LDR work because you really like them and care about them. I wonder why you specifically want to meet someone who lives far away and not just meet someone organically whether they live near you or not.

  7. Sounds like you have the reverse of the usual SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when people feel low in the winter months. Summer and sunny days seem to be a trigger for you, it may be worth thinking about what summer or sunshine symbolises for you. Does it remind you of something or someone? Does it remind you of a time that was difficult or uncomfortable in your life? Something is obviously being triggered. Work out what gets triggered and you’ll be on the road to recovery

  8. I had a situation recently where my bf chose not to tell me something about himself that he should have told me when we first met but he hid from me for 11 months. It was one of those ones where technically he wasn’t lying as such he just left out some really important information that anyone in my position would deserve to know. He admitted he hadn’t told me because he was scared of losing me. I was so shocked when he told me that I reacted badly. At first was annoyed and shocked then as the news sunk in I felt really upset. Eventually I felt angry and when angry I spoke to him in a way that was unfair and he felt disrespected. He keeps going on about feeling disrespected and I have apologised and acknowledged my angry reaction. He however doesn’t seem to get the seriousness of what he did and how it could have easily been the end of the relationship - some women in my position may have seen his lack of honesty about something so big, as a deal breaker. He has apologised and said he takes responsibility but when he keeps bringing up the fact that I got upset it makes me realise that he doesn’t get it and he doesn’t understand the impact that the news had on me. I feel like he wanted me to react calmly and just accept it.

  9. “You need to wear a bra that makes you look like you have something” is really insulting, why should you have to look like anything? Why should you be told how to dress and have an implication that what you have is not enough. You should never be made to feel as though you need to change how you look to please others. This sounds abusive and very wrong on his part. It is a red flags don’t ignore it because red flags only get more frequent and more hurtful and harder to ignore.

  10. Even from the title of this post it became clear straight away that this relationship needs to end asap. Any relationship that is harmful to your emotional and mental well-being needs to be addressed, ended and processed. Everything you’ve written is a red flag and shows that your relationship is unhealthy. You are harming yourself by continuing with any further interactions at all.

  11. There must be more to it, Not sure if Mrs X and Mrs Q know each other but if so maybe there’s a more complex story here with how Q feels about X generally - maybe something you’re unaware of. If they don’t know each other personally then I’m not sure unless it’s something you’ve said about how you feel about X or something that has made Q feel insecure about herself or the relationship. Her wanting to break up sounds like something more complex about X and it’s not really about being friends with X first it would be about your attraction to X and how you’ve portrayed this to Q or something about X and how Q feels about her as a person.

  12. I can’t lift my foot that high anymore but if I could I would kiss (but not lick) my clean feet my feet are never dirty and my feet are incredibly ticklish so even the thought makes me shudder - the dirty feet image makes me shudder as well. Nicely exfoliated, smooth, clean, fresh feet all the way with nicely painted toenails. Not a speck of dirt in sight and maybe a spritz of peppermint foot spray

  13. Thats a very dark view. Yes, LDRs have their unique challenges, but dragging yourself over broken glass and leaving a bloody trail is not the image I have (or ever want to have) about meeting the person I love.

  14. I agree, it shouldn’t be a heart wrenching painful struggle and a healthy relationship should make you feel good, yes the distance can be hard because you can’t be with the person you love as often as you’d like - or maybe even for a very very long time for some people depending on distance. But when you love someone and they love you and it’s a really good relationship with a great connection the miles between you can even strengthen your relationship and be viewed in a positive way. The broken glass and bloody trail image doesn’t sound like much fun at all and I wonder if OP is using this analogy only because of how things turned out - which I am very sorry to hear and I hope OP has time to process the ending and keep themselves well and hopefully one day have a more positive analogy to describe the experience despite the way it ended

  15. Hell no, I prefer the cold. Not really cold though, perfect weather for me is Spring - sunshine and a nice breeze

  16. Exactly what I was thinking, I have seen this a couple of times and I watched it just the other day. An amazing movie but the ending is so so sad. I never cry when I watch movies except for when I’ve watched this one

  17. I think her referring to flings she’s had in the past is to make herself seem more desirable but actually it’s immature and petty because there’s no need for that. She obviously wants to be friends if you two break up but even talking about breaking up and what you would do is a negative thing to bring up for no reason. Not everyone is ok with being friends with an ex and for some people ending communication is a way of processing and moving forward with their life and that sounds like what you were telling her you would do if you were to ever break up. Her messages don’t make sense and if you plan to stay with her I don’t think either of you should be focusing on break ups and what will happen etc. It sounds like it has all become messy and confusing and she thinks differently to you about things and you’ve clashed. Her messages seem strange. She’s 19 and sounds even younger than that. She does need to grow up

  18. Depends on what approach your therapist uses and if that method works with regards to the issue you have presented for therapy with. It is true that sometimes the therapy gets really tough and that is when the work is really happening and of course it requires you to reflect and put in the work to move through the tough part. If you generally feel that you leave therapy feeling worse than when you went in, something isn’t right. You should feel held, contained, able to speak up or disagree with what is being said and use the sessions as you wish to each week. Changing your therapist may be the answer.

  19. What kind of critters? I can’t deal with cockroaches, they are the worst.

  20. Yes because my dad is a narcissist and his kids are an extension of himself. He describes his own life in details obsessively repeating himself with exact dates and details about when he did what. He tries to encourage me and my brothers to do the things he did and none of us did probably on purpose to be different to him. When we have our own experience dad has to compare it with himself. Anything we have done, he has done and he’s done it bigger and better. Anywhere we have been he has been there done that and got the T-shirt. So in a different way to your dad, yes mine expects things to be done how he’s done them or he will steal ideas of mine or my siblings or other people sometimes and make out he has done the exact same things

  21. I felt like this the past couple of days. A friend of mine said she has also felt like this over the weekend for her own reasons and she is starting a new job today. I’m glad I don’t have the pressure of starting something new like that and having to put on a brave face. I can just gently get better and try to get my motivation back

  22. Sounds so tiring to be so consumed and obsessed with her after years have passed. Understandable to be hurt and feel betrayed and still impacted in some way, that’s very common. But going to those lengths shows how much she’s on your mind and it seems very unhealthy. Obviously your sarcasm is to point out how not over her you are so just contact her and get some kind of closure or get closure in another way through therapy or working on your self esteem but trawling through her Netflix account after all these years is too much, way too much.

  23. Ok so the maid has a backward mentality, the kind of “just keep quiet” way of thinking. Women like that make life much harder for other women and there is no sisterhood there, it’s all about bowing down to men and it’s so ignorant and backward. I do understand if this is a common way of thinking then she has been raised that way and thinks it’s normal to think like that but actually she is perpetuating an idea that you should accept abuse and be quiet about it - I’m sure she doesn’t even understand the concept of abuse. I’m so glad the woman was fired, she is a liability and is wrong on so many levels. You did the right thing by speaking up and look at what has happened as a result - you’ve protected yourself and potentially many other young girls and women. He sounds like a real predator who knows exactly what he’s doing and has done this many times before, it gives me the creeps to think about what he may have done before and how many young girls’ lives he may have affected. You’ve been very courageous, brave and you have done thing right thing. I hope you’re ok now and I’m sorry you had that experience

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