1. You can just hold "ctrl" and select "EFI Boot". This will automatically boot you to the patched version seamlessly.

  2. Thanks! Almost rode past it on a bridge, but couldn't resist!

  3. Tänud, kuid jah, meie mäletamist mööda oli kunagi ammu sarnases pakendis esimese lingiga Muumi küpsised, kuid sisaldasid Karnevali / Tsirkuse küpsise glasuuri tagaosal.

  4. Then why did they used to sell the Wonder Ball? I got some Megara and Phil from Hercules figures inside the chocolate ball in the 90s or whenever Hercules came out. Like, inside the hollow chocolate ball, not even in a plastic wrap or anything.

  5. If I remember correctly, the Wonder ball was also taken off the shelves because of this, shortly after its release.

  6. The 1000 cycle thing is more or less a soft end than a hard end. I have seen macs on here with 2000 and more cycles, and have seen models with 300 cycles and a dead battery. I think yours just has reached the end of it's life. The fact that it suddenly stopped working might be because one of the cells of the battery has dropped in voltage so much, that it would be unsafe to charge it with the others, basically disabling the battery. A replacement from Apple or by yourself or a technician should fix the issue.

  7. Ah, the cell thing seems quite possible, as I'd charged it to full during the day, only to find it being completely depleted in the evening and unchargeable. Thanks!

  8. Sorry that there isn's any sort of fix. But I have replaced my Late 2013 15" battery.

  9. No problem! Just wanted to be sure that the fault lies in the battery and not somewhere else. I've also got the ifixit tools from my last iphone battery replacement, so getting a new one isn't too much of a hassle. I just kind of hoped it was a software bug on Apple's side or a similar easy fix, that wouldn't require a new battery.

  10. hey, could you please guide me through using the OpenCore patcher and what it does? I currently have Macbook Pro (12,1) early'2015 and would love to get the side car and univ. control functionalities up and running.

  11. Hey! OpenCore Patcher has a really good

  12. Found the solution: Just had to spoof my mac to a 13,1 version and rebuild the patcher. Worked like a charm!

  13. Can somebody confirm for us English speakers please?

  14. As a neighbouring country to russia, I've heard this slur more than enough to confirm it does indeed say "go f*** yourself"

  15. In Estonia, Estonian Academy of Arts is offering free studying opportunities for Ukrainian art students, until the situation in Ukraine stabilizes -

  16. Will do! Thanks for letting me know, and np!

  17. I still don’t understand what the meta verse is supposed to be, is it just corporate vrchat or something stupider

  18. Now I'm not 100% sure, but as much as I've understood, the Metaverse is some sort of API support system. As in, Facebook will offer tools to anyone, who wants to create games and such.

  19. the newest Vivecraft patch has had performance issues for me, when I had none before. I could post my GPU/processor, but if it ran 100% fine before, then could I have some suggestions to help fix this if any settings in Vivecraft have changed?

  20. You're talking about the 1.18 alpha version, right? Sadly I'm not knowledgable enough to know what might cause this. If you're using an Oculus headset by any chance, you could try out

  21. Had a very similar issue and spent a whole week looking for answers. Found this weird method that actually worked for me:

  22. I think I went to the "programs and features" section and clicked "Change" in order to reinstall/ repair it.

  23. Shit I uninstalled mine and can't find the driver anywhere...

  24. Sorry about that.. I was real careful with repairing/ reinstalling it cause I too am not sure where to redownload it. However I quickly googled it and this might help? -

  25. Thanks for a thorough reply! But for some reason, for the life of me I can't get a similar

  26. That's my bad, I thought the lengths at the top were 4.2 m. You've still got several mistakes

  27. Also, thank you for the website! It really helps with creating my own problems and solving them, while looking at the solutions as a guide! And thank you overall for helping me - it has been quite helpful to me in understanding the topic a bit further.

  28. VR will catch on. Like others have said, it's still basically in its infancy, but the applications for real world use are slowly growing. In architecture, for example, the architect and the client can look at a building design through VR, experiencing it, as if it were already built. It probably won't replace "real life" that soon, like you mentioned with the shoes, but it definitely can be a tool for work and lifestyle, if perfected enough.

  29. Also, most people destroy the screen by peeling it off. It's not meant to be peeled off.

  30. Alright, thanks for the quick reply! As some comments on other posts have said "If it doesn't look peelable, it probably isn't". Seems like this comment applies for this case as well. Thanks again!

  31. Nope. All hand made in Procreate!

  32. he could have continued his tail mouvement while liking his paw

  33. I agree, would've looked a bit more natural. Thanks!

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