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  1. Sympathy for lady vengeance or the original Korean Oldboy

  2. Weird how they haven’t announced when general sale is

  3. General Sale started an hour ago

  4. Been trying to buy them for an hour now, every time I try to complete the purchase I get sent to an error page. Did you have any luck?

  5. I was able to get them, I had to use PayPal. It wouldnt take my credit cards, I also had to do Phase 3 in order for the purchase to go through.

  6. I couldn’t find tickets for that show

  7. General Tickets Just went on sale for Tijuana an hour ago

  8. I’ve been looking but couldn’t find anything

  9. General Tickets Just went on sale for Tijuana an hour ago

  10. Any word what date these go on sale ? Still seeing nothin

  11. Tijuana show on March 11th Tickets Just went live

  12. Sweet, ill see you there!!!

  13. I messaged the festivals insta to ask when general sale would start, and they said they will announce it later lol

  14. Tijuana show on March 11th Tickets Just went live for general

  15. Hey Guys, Tijuana show on March 11th Tickets Just went live, I was able to score mine using Paypal on

  16. That Godzilla patch! Where did you get that one? I too have a Godzilla patch on mine

  17. Love the backpatch! Cant wait to see them for the second time this upcoming month!!

  18. A little late but here is my breakdown

  19. Nah, better yet go to privacy.com, create a single use card with a single dollar as the amount and use that, even if you forget to cancel the trial, you can't get charged and you are not giving out your real card information in case of a breach

  20. When you first arrive, there will usually be a bouncer checking IDs, they usually aren't the the friendliest of people but that's given with the occupation. There's usually a cover charge and sometimes like a 2 drink minimum (depending on state may or may not be alcoholic). I would recommend you bring cash as it makes it easier and ATM lines are usually long and fees are high.

  21. That sounds a lot like the issues I was having, the car was rough on idle in gear and would bog down when taking off from a stop. I was able to fix my issue just by replacing the spark plugs with some NGK coppers. That solved all my issues.

  22. I can trade the full evolve forms of all of them if you'd like

  23. Im from the U.K. and I thought it was pet smart this whole time not pets mart

  24. Nope, you're right, decades back they did refer to themselves as Pets Mart but to differentiate themselves from Walmart, they started shifting to us referring themselves to be "Pet Smart"

  25. I had a male that went off feed for 7 months, I know you said you don't want a "don't worry" post but don't worry. Offer one again next week, then two weeks and do that a few times, they will eventually eat.

  26. How did you know something really bad wasn't happening? I'm just so terrified that she suffering and that I'm letting her die.

  27. He seemed normal other than not eating, his weight stayed relatively stable, wasn't dehydrated. Was alert and active when held. Other than not eating nothing has changed. I had read a lot of care guides and asked questions before so I knew at some point he would go off feed and just kept an eye on him.

  28. Make sure the under tank heater is regulated by a thermostat. Set it to around 88 to 92. And have another hide on the cool side and they will be fine, remember they are cooler than us humans at 98.6f so to us they are going to feel cooler.

  29. Try and have two hides, one on cool side and one on hot side, use an under tank heater regulated by a thermostat! Very important, you do not want to burn your snake and then just enjoy!

  30. I think you have a faulty digital control box. Mine started doing the same after about a year and then it would change the temperature readings right when i would turn the dial. Also, keep that temperature probe that mounts inside the chamber clean. Its a pain to do it but I discovered early on that it was imperative to do so. It doesn't have to be cleaned all the time just make sure to do it when it starts getting cruddy.

  31. On the phone with them right, I wish i had gotten the same rep you had, mine is being extremely unhelpful. Stating that is normal operation. I just don't see how a 150 degree difference is normal. Escalated to a supervisor to see if they are better able to assist me and waiting on a callback.

  32. Yeah that is not normal operation. 100 to 200 degree readings being off is extremely faulty. And if the supervisor acts the same, immediately ask for the retention department (extreme escalations). Digital displays and probes don't need "break in periods" either. They should just work as normal out of the box. That's too bad our experiences are different. I'm sorry man

  33. Figured Id give you an update, Supervisor called back, US Based luckily, She understood my issue and is sending a control box and probe. Painless dealing with a supervisor. Hopefully that fixes that issue.

  34. I do this regularly, make sure the leather is wet and I use a book press to get even pressure on the stamp

  35. If you don't want to mine the CPU just toggle it off

  36. My normal winter electric bill is like 65$ for a 1000 sqf home, with AC going in summer my bill goes up to like 250$ when I got the swamp cooler and running it just about 24/7 my summer bill gets to around 85$. So the savings alone make it worth it for me.

  37. I can't get my doge address, mine keeps saying it's unavailable, how did you get yours?

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