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  1. what do guys like? especially when u are talking for the first time on bumble

  2. mostly girls,But seriously I think movies and shows have got the right idea about guys. We are into sports, food, travel. On top of that some like Finance/books/gossip/gaming etc etc.

  3. 100% prasiddh should be on that flight. Idk how do you not play any cricket and get injured at home

  4. You know , stress injuries can be aggravated by practice as well... And they don't sit in front of TVs like us on weekends

  5. Former head of the Australian Olympics committee DICK POUND

  6. How hard is it to get your name changed ffs? What cruel parents he must've had

  7. For a Team that is ranked no.1 in T20s, India are not a great fielding unit. Credit to the bowlers who are just not ready to put that effort

  8. When Rajasthan royal admin joins Iceland cricket. Gold standard shitposts only

  9. When Rajasthan royal admin joins Iceland cricket. Gold standard shitposts only

  10. Wow, no Rohit and guptil even in the top 20. Even Warner is a surprise so far below

  11. He's the opposite of Rishabh pant. Haven't gotten many chances for India, have been a decent player and WANT him in the WC squad.

  12. Decent? He shat the bed in Sri Lanka, he's not the talent everybody says he is IMHO.

  13. And you judge him on that 1 series? I don't remember that last time rishabh pant won us a t20 match or even made a significant impact, not even in the IPL.

  14. Hardik(majnu) and Virat(uday) found out ki rdx ke bete ko goli lagi hai

  15. And he still can't play as our main spinner, because he can bat.

  16. Pehle twist kro fir Lick Karo aur di... Sorry dip/dive mat karo

  17. Broad looking to launch his career as a social media influencer when he eventually retires next summer


  19. This entire law is so controversial among fans that I can't see it ending well whenever the run out at non strikers happens.

  20. Unless it's a t20, even in t20 at times, 6 runs won't be a big enough impact. Batting teams won't mind that. Maybe retire them out and allow them in only as no.11. Think of the drama!

  21. To say she outfoxed her is a massive exaggeration. A win is a win, and nothing against them for taking something in the rules, but this move reeked of desperation in a game India was going to lose.

  22. England were 9 down with 17 to go, the game was tight for both sides. Some people call it hunger some call it desperation. Who's to say which is right

  23. Documentary on IPL would be fun but cricket,specifically in India, is too focused on maintaining a good image and "understanding" that creating drama/fights and a intense rivalry would be near impossible.

  24. Jos butler and Hardik pandya would be fun to watch, Alpha dogs in their teams with bigger roles to play. Both coming from their best ever IPL seasons as well.

  25. House Safety Inspector from malcolm in the middle!

  26. I think holder would be a massive plus. Bowls well at death which has been a issue last season and also a solid batter. LSG said last year that they cannot use holder to his max potential anyways.

  27. the show also had things like a cockamouse and the bermuda triangle.

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