1. I love how we see he not only fire bombed the car but found his bike and we see it in the third frame

  2. I want to play this game so bad but it's not on pc

  3. Can’t you play Xbox game pass games on pc?

  4. Yeah but it's not on there last time I checked fairly recently

  5. And a lot of the skins are just filler and not interesting in any way

  6. Have you tried using actual materials? I promise, it is much more satisfying to make art with your own hands.

  7. I love art and I'm relatively good at it, but I work long days and I don't have enough time

  8. These are awesome. The flaws of current AI in terms of composition and the physical plausibility of the worlds that it depicts actually work out as strengths, as they give the pictures more of a dreamlike, nightmare quality. What are you using to generate these? Midjourney? DALL-E?

  9. I do this literally every time people come over

  10. Are you making these with Dalle? Can you post the prompts you used for each one?

  11. I used dream my prompt was "Haunted house in a forest with the moon shining over"

  12. Thanks :) if it's not too much trouble can you do the rest that you can remember? These are so cool, I wanna try to make some

  13. I can refill anything that had something in it with whatever was in it before

  14. Thank you! What program did you use this looks really good!

  15. how did you make this AI make something so good looking

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