1. Well I’m going to try this to see if I get strong and jacket. If I don’t have a body like Paulo in two weeks I’m suing

  2. Only reasonable thing to do is to make the same bet again tomorrow

  3. To throw a lot of interceptions you have to throw a lot. to throw a lot, you have to be a good QB

  4. “To be a good QB you have to throw a lot of interceptions” - Jameis Winston

  5. Complete irrelevant, but that shit had me crying when Yan was calling him Alja leading up to the fight

  6. Usually not much. But you can break your wrist or strain those ligaments if you put it down too hard. Also doesn’t feel wonderful scraping it on dirt but it’s not that bad

  7. Get ready for Judge to hit 62 and were gonna have so many "MVP lock" posts

  8. Followed by Ohtani throwing a perfect game while hitting for the cycle

  9. He pretty much was producing the same, minus a couple of deep throws to Harty and a hail mary to Callaway. Last year Jameis couldn’t sustain drives and this year it was the same.

  10. He must’ve had a hell of a WR group to have those expectations last year, right? You’re comparing having a broken back to having your QB2 play WR1, well, he’s just a TE but you don’t have another guy who can car bthe ball on the team. It is dumb to not ever give Jameis the chance to prove himself. Sometimes there are factors outside of the QB that prevent good play no matter what. But I get it, it’s the lazy answer so that’s what you people love to go running toward

  11. C’mon man, last year he still couldn’t hit Kamara from 10 yards and this year he’s just not even seeing guys who are open.

  12. Zuck is just scouting his competition before he fights for the belt at the newly created Metaweight division, sponsored by Meta

  13. Please make this the new Manning Verlander face

  14. Everything looks so much easier in slow motion. These guys are sprinting full speed and then people break down every step, like NFL players can enter bullet time and make a decision every time their body changes. I'm trying to imagine the Tua push.... idk, try running full speed at someone, and making your body instantly stop. Seems like you have a few options, you use them kind of as a springboard to slow your momentum down, which is just a natural reaction. The other options are to put your hands out like wings, to avoid touching them with your hands but then you chest "bump" them and both tumble down and it's just not a natural reaction to not use your hands to stop your momentum. You can turn to the side and butt cannonball them, but that's gonna look horrible and probably start a brawl. I guess maybe turn to the side and pray you scoot by them.

  15. Personally I want to see defenders jump, turn in the air and stick their assholes on QBs’ face masks. That’s what I imagined when you said butt cannonball anyway

  16. “If each of Judge’s home runs were worth a penny, I would have more than a third of what I would need to buy a can of diet Sprite at work because the vendor jacked up the prices again even though they had already increased it by a quarter earlier this year.”

  17. “Aaron Judges home run total for this year compared to his home run total last year has not increased faster than the rise in global currency inflation.”

  18. Words are how us humans create images; OP said words and inadvertently created an unwanted image.

  19. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to stick toothpicks beneath my toenails and kick a wall. Or what it would be like to drill a screw into my eyeball. Than I’m like “oh no! Don’t imagine that!” But by that point it’s too late. I’ve already imagined it. I suggest not imagining these things based on my experiences

  20. What about a tooth lick in your pee hole?

  21. Was thinking more like a treble hook with a line serving as a leash for a dog in the park. Oh and there are squirrels. Lots of squirrels

  22. It would have to be 81pitch 27k based on what an immaculate inning is.

  23. 101 mph fastballs at their bats behind their backs. When they start hiding their bats behind their bodies, throw sliders around them and hit their bats. They’ll accidentally put every ball in play and be out on 2-3 groundouts. If the MLB would let me play I’d simply do this every outing and coaches would only use me as a starter and they wouldn’t need relievers. We’d have a full roster of position players and me and we’d win the WS every year. But Manfred said he didn’t want games to be that much shorter

  24. Any chance they are showing it to make people uncomfortable. It’s hard to look at but maybe that’s the goal. Draw as much attention as possible.

  25. C’mon now if that was honestly the case they would be very matter-of-fact about exactly why Deshaun is suspended the entire time the Browns were playing. And then they’d just coldly shrug it off as “yeah, these things just kinda happen. Ya kno?” That would be uncomfortable as shit to watch. Wait, I think I’m arguing against myself now bc that would not draw more attention. Would it? What was the question again?

  26. I feel like 17 feet would be better. Still a record but the numerology is better. Granted it would be easier for someone else to beat...

  27. Yeah that was the disgusting part of the Baylor covering for sexual assults of FB players. dispite you know enabling that BS Baylor was still below many other P5 schools in Sexual Assaults' per 1,000 students; both my Undergrad and Grad School were worse than Baylor iirc.

  28. Oh so we living in fantasy world now, I don't think I could muster the imaginative power to imagine having £200 million in my bank account.

  29. And, like, are your kids really hurting if you had that much stashed away for them? They’ll survive, I’m sure

  30. There was a cool episode of Ghost in the Shell with that name. It involves an assassin that's trying to kill a reclusive billionaire who invented an AI-controlled stock trading algorithm.

  31. Yeah... they voted against dilution, so he's gonna dilute it anyway. How anyone has any faith in A-A-ron is beyond me.

  32. APE is not shares of stock. Those are preferred equity units. The monkeys over in that one voted to not have their shares diluted. BUT, preferred equity units don’t have voting rights and aren’t shares, so they’re gonna dilute those

  33. Isn’t it true that Mike started a fight and now Tom should get suspended for the rest of the season? Your honor I rest my case!

  34. Frankly, both Mike and Marshon should be suspended this week. Not like you'd lose to the Panthers without him.

  35. I mean if Jameis throws the way he did last week 😬😬😬😬 but you’re probably right. It’s been a reoccurring and continuously escalating beef

  36. “You know, from a certain point of view, the entire portion of any ocean south of China is technically the South China Sea.”

  37. You missed a lot. Go scroll GamestopNFT, ImmutableX, Guild of Guardians on Twitter. The thing about developing brand new technology is that it has to be developed first

  38. I locked my keys in my car three times in the same week when I was 17. This dude gonna be alright

  39. I did basically the same thing except mine was leaving my manual headlights on all day

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