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  1. Whenever we are leaving the house we say, Ready? OK!

  2. Russian mafia - money laundering.

  3. That and for whatever reason someone is always swerving into my lane. Happens all the time.

  4. Hoogerbeets is gonna be my next band name.

  5. Kodiak sucked. Spent two years of my life there as an OS. Might be cool to visit but absolutely shitty place to live.

  6. I think there are a lot of places that qualify for that description. 😂


  8. Jethro Tull. who I love. won in the Metal category. (cough)

  9. The tying is not the difficult part for me. The difficult part is matching the length to just yay above my belt.

  10. Once you find the right length you find a mental mark during the tying process.

  11. yes. I thought I had that.. but every now and then what I thought worked does not work. :)

  12. Came to ask that! Forgot his first name (whatever it is this week)

  13. People are saying it was the biggest deal ever

  14. The best kind of deal. A deal like no other. And women are smarter now. Nobody makes deals better than me. And very inexpensive. I will make Mexico pay for this deal.

  15. Is/are there double sun dried tomatoes? Homemade and prepared?

  16. Great write up and explanation. I think he was referring to namings like "Comanche is derived from a Ute word meaning “anyone who wants to fight me all the time.”"

  17. Well, when you have THE mountain at your doorstep, might as well call it "THE mountain" I guess.

  18. I like the story about native American tribes who inevitably called themselves The People and others were Fish Eaters, Those Who Smoke Dirt, Fat Heads, etc

  19. For a virus that was going to magically go away... like that

  20. One of my favorite was when he asked if they could make it go away " Easter.. that would be nice." Like he was planning a BBQ.

  21. She came out of the closet and revealed herself to be an idiot.

  22. Unnecessary parenthetical element.

  23. ..and you whip it.. you whip it good.

  24. It’s not an import tax. Even a western bacon cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr. is over $10 now. All these “I don’t acknowledge inflation” comments are so tired.

  25. It was during these economical seasons that our parents lived on beans and rice.

  26. Ah yes the blood sacrifice.. a ritual as old as time.

  27. I’m suggesting the we consider talking about having a meeting to discuss the potential of convening a committee to make a motion to have a conversation about gathering a team to open an investigation so we can create energy around putting something to a vote. That’ll teach those bastards. Who’s down for printing flyers?

  28. You forgot a strongly worded letter. But I like where this is headed...

  29. Looks like a cross between Petros Papdakis and Robert Downey Jr

  30. Love me a Hawaiian pizza but picturing it as a sandwich just seems... Weird..

  31. TIL that the search engine company Google has a managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants...

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