1. Jack leaving the barrel for Walt lol

  2. RIP for ur cat OP. I too use building stuff in SOTF or minecraft as a little bit of therapy, OCD sometimes gets in the way. Anyways nice work with the build

  3. Wow the super man one looks exactly like HC

  4. Some dude broke in one time as well lol

  5. Teenage mutant ninja buttholes secret of the ooze

  6. I left cc cause of same shit, I’d get failed for not offering the caller a survey at the end of the call even if the caller just hangs up before the wrap up of the call can happen. I’ve finally gotten a back end job pushing papers now and I couldn’t be happier.

  7. Nice man glad you got out I may be looking soon

  8. I hope you do as well friend. Good luck

  9. I wish I could watch it for the first time again lol I did just finish my 4th full re watch and still love this series

  10. So u can build stone houses now? Wow

  11. Can u add defensive spikes to these as well?

  12. I did 20 plus 40 then 7 plus 8 to get 75

  13. I guess once the events of the ending happened then all the people that I’m sure would have been plotting revenge would have come for them at some point. Once they knew what happened I think they were satisfied that the Cody’s had gotten their karma.

  14. If Walt Jessie and Mike never bought Vamanos pest they never would have encountered Todd and his uncles gang. If they had bought say the tortilla place and never met them then it would have changed things significantly. They never would have killed Drew Sharpe firstly, the 10 guys in prison wouldn’t have been taken out, Hank wouldn’t have been killed, they wouldn’t have stolen Walt’s money and would never have taken Jessie and made him cook. Andrea wouldn’t have died, Perhaps Jessie wouldn’t have decided to get out when Mike did, when Todd killed Drew it had a huge impact on Jessie and made him start to see Walt in a different way. I think that was really the beginning of the end for them all and things would have been so different if they had never bought the pest control place.

  15. Interesting comments everyone thank you, yeah I guess hunting is a big issue and credit to the contestants lol they are all doing better then I would have. Feel kinda bad for them if they have been put in a spot that wasn’t researched to make sure enough food ect available. I really think a new location would be awesome but navigating the issues of sacred traditional sites so they are considerate of our aboriginal heritage and also not being anywhere they can harm the ecosystem eg why they couldn’t do Kakadu as that would be such an awesome spot but risks the above. Thanks for the feedback though everyone

  16. My great grandfathers name is Walter White no shit lol. But yeah I kinda do look up to him, even though he does bad stuff in the show I don’t know why but I always found it hard to see him as the “bad guy” I can relate to the feeling of what legacy will I leave my family and that feeling of need to provide for ur family before you go… if I found out I was dying i would do what I had to in order to leave my family with something, cause right now it’s not much. No matter what I do I will always be remembered as the druggy that screwed things up in my world so really can relate to that feeling of I don’t want to be remembered just for that but for leaving my kids with a house and money to buy a car when they are older. His intentions start off pure just to provide for his family but doing what he does obviously changes him as a person and changes his intentions from pure to more ego driven, “I’m the man who killed Gus, I’m Heisenberg who cooks the blue” he loves the notoriety in the end and it becomes about his reputation as much as it is about what he will leave his family.

  17. I was taking lexapro for a little while, meh I didn’t feel any different however people around me family ect said I seemed better (usually my anxiety stops me sleeping and some days even just functioning normal is a challenge) however this is the important part, do not just stop taking the meds abruptly, I did this as I had ran out of scripts and couldn’t get into a GP to get it re done, basically after 2 days of not taking it I felt awesome like a new person it was weird, then by day 5 I had gone off a mental cliff, had severe anxiety and was just a mess. Now I take a different medication and not everyone is going to agree but I got medical cannabis and it makes me feel so much better, and if u run out I don’t go crazy without it until I get my next batch. So I’d be careful meds may give u some relief however always take it as prescribed, if they tell u not to stop suddenly then please do as they say. I almost didn’t make it through those few days but with support and understanding and caring from love ones I got through those days mainly sleeping cause I was so depressed. Good luck if u do go down the path

  18. I appreciate your interpretation of his actions with the lab equipment. However, it's a different story.

  19. I liked it.. i was good at it.. it made me feel.. Alive

  20. Wow I can’t believe I interpreted it wrong. Seems like people are right, Walt went to kill them all including Jessie.

  21. A few come to mind and in my opinion are superior in that relative genre of 60’s/ 70’s era rock. The Who, Bowie, Yes, and the Doors off the top of my head. I just find Floyd incredibly overrated and is for some reason continually propped up by the system. But if I had to compare The Who’s Tommy vs. the Wall in terms of a rock opera I believe Tommy is better.

  22. All great bands. I get that Pink Floyd is more spacey and probably requires some amount of drug use to really enjoy. Personally I find Roger Waters a bit overrated but David Gilmour is great. I also think Jim Morrison is kind’ve overrated and Ray Manzarek really made the band. Honestly I would’ve only been upset if you said Nickelback or something.

  23. Can confirm Xanax and weed are a great experience to combine the album with.. literally blew my mind last night lol

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