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  1. I bought 5 cEDH decks, total of 503 cards, for 166 USD with basic shipping and just shrink wrapped s33 stock.

  2. That sounds pretty much like my situation (minus the CeDH & amount of cards). Here’s hoping they come soon and the quality is great! It’s been my first order

  3. Enjoy! It's really nice having them readily available and the feel is really good. If it wasn't for the fact they're only single sleeved, I wouldn't be able to tell via feel. Hope they arrived asap with no issues!

  4. Thank you. Glad to hear you’ve had a good experience. I didn’t print any with the holo as I wasn’t sure how they would turn out, but I think seeing as it is possible, I’ll try them for the next order

  5. You're right, but, uh... it's been listed as solved for, like, hours now!

  6. I realized after I had posted my comment. Was a good movie though.

  7. The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock?

  8. That’s good to know. I’m close to Milton and just received a notification saying it should be here by yesterday but there has been some delays. That being said, the one week between ordering and receiving that notification sure does seem like a quick turnaround

  9. This looks like the movie poster for a Tom Hardy film

  10. You could literally see the hornets heartbeat pulsing at the end

  11. For the curious, these are images from the "WISPR" instrument on NASA's Parker Solar Probe. These are visible light images, so roughly what you'd see with your own eyes. You can download the original video in full res

  12. Small addition: they usually don't have the trademarks anymore and a "not for sale" notification, but always double-check. Images with a trademark cannot be printed.

  13. Thank you. I will double check this before completing my order. You put my mind at ease

  14. I remember this one. It’s the one where they finally reveal Hawkman has in fact been Squidward all along 😂

  15. The part that really sealed the deal - “Are you not enterTAINT”?

  16. Not going to lie, I first thought he said “let me shit on your face”

  17. Im curious what the testicles will look like after that hit

  18. I mean they were already gonna be sorcerers by default, now they're gonna be sorcerers on even more crack than they already were lmao

  19. Ahhh yes, the good old Quicksilver/Scarlett Witch scenario

  20. Overgrown farmland is on mtgpics. You would just need to upscale it a bit. You can grab the scryfall crop of the other and try upscaling it as well

  21. Thank you. I’m new to this, so I’ll try and give it a go and see what I can make of it.

  22. It’s so satisfying to drop this turn one, Lightning greaves turn 2 and then have [[Licia, Sanguine Tribune]] come out turn 3 and swing for 7.

  23. Note sure when it comes to MPC fill I haven't done anything on that.

  24. I just had a look now. They have all the artworks. Unfortunately I need the whole card, so I’ll have to find another way to organize it. MPCFill is great, but it seems in rare occasions there are cards that haven’t been created.

  25. I can make the cards for you won't take me but a few minutes but it won't be till later today and do you want full art version or what kind of framing do you want them in?

  26. Thank you. I would really appreciate that. I’ll send you a private message.

  27. Or named him Lief and send him on a mission to retrieve the seven gems of the fabled Belt of Deltora.

  28. Jeez man! I had this stuff in my head the other day and was so resigned to the fact I’ll never even work it out. Thank you for this because as soon as I saw the word Deltora, everything came flooding back to me!

  29. You can just change it on MPC (either at checkout or in your Saved Projects if you save it to purchase later).

  30. Thank you. That’s what I was thinking of doing, just wasn’t sure if this would cause any issues. Good to hear that it won’t.

  31. I've had to change it on my last two orders because I wasn't paying attention when setting everything up on MCPFill, so...

  32. Guess you had to learn through experience 😂

  33. You know if you click the number below the name you can browse all the versions without clicking next 1 by 1

  34. Thank you. I have worked that out, the only issue I’m having is I’m looking for actual card art that also has the card numbers/rarity/set as well. There are only a few versions of these (if any) and most of them are of lower quality.

  35. Yea I wish creating one is easier. I gave that up because I don't have the skills make my own :(

  36. I also don’t have the skills. There are a few cards I don’t have good art for and need to find someone who can do a mock up.

  37. You will notice higher/lower quality scans. At least I do. I don't usually choose scans that have a low resolution. Usually it's not a problem because there are many to choose from.

  38. Thank you! I won’t use the blurry scans in that case. The only issue is a few of the cards I am looking for don’t have a good version, so I will need to find a way to make them.

  39. It just depends on the quality of the scan. It will look like whatever scan you submit provided the printer supports a high enough dpi.

  40. Thank you. The grainy effect is what I’m worried about. I’ll most likely try and find better scans, but submit one or two of the worse ones just as a comparison, as this is my first order.

  41. Just want to make sure before I lose my mind here, but since they are Forests they can all tap for mana right? I’m imagining a Dryad Arbor situation here.

  42. Yes, but only after your next upkeep as they have summoning sickness.

  43. Thank you. Thought I’d get a discount from Hamza, but realized after that this was a sorcery.

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